Be bold. Stand out.

In everything you do, professionally and personally, your aim is always to stand out in some way. To progress in the business world, you need to get yourself noticed in some way, naturally. One small but helpful way to stand out in life, is to wear rich colours. A striking colourful ensemble that works for you will instantly be noticed in plenty of situations. Once you find a bold, rich colour that works for you, it can work for you in the boardroom at work, or in your personal life to help you get noticed by a potential partner. Before you go and find the right colours to that work for you, there are some important tips to keep in mind: First of all, make sure that YOU stand out most of all instead of your clothes. People should be looking at you, not what you’re wearing, which is an important distinction to remember. Now, when finding the best colour for you, choose a colour that complements your skin, hair and eyes. If you’re unsure what the answer to this dilemma is, hold the garment up near your face. See if this enhances you or brings out dark circles around your eyes or near your lips. The right colour will look like a perfect complement. For the office, choose one bold colour in the workplace, not ten. Don’t go overboard. But for play, go ahead and add pattern with colour, and experiment. Don’t be heavy-handed with your fashion choices though, or you could end up looking like a fashion trainwreck. If you need some inspo of rich colours to add to your wardrobe, these options are perfect as we transition away from summer and into fall. For work For play   These are just a handful of examples, find the right colour that works for you and use it to your advantage as much as you can!

Pattern on pattern for ho hum winter days

It’s the middle of winter. Ho hum. Black and grey is everywhere. What’s even more boring is the head-to-toe dark uniform people trudge to the office with during this time of year. Yawn. Don’t get me wrong, black is very sleek and sophisticated but it can get a bit monotonous during these chilly, dark winter days. For a more upbeat look, opt for colour and pattern. Here’s a surefire way to pick up the pace during these long, cold January workdays. This will certainly turn heads and brighten soem faces as you enter the office. Both my outerwear and tights have colour and pattern. Yes ladies, instead of reaching for your boring, piled (I know they are) opaque black tights, deck your stems out with these plaid ones.  They’ll certainly add a skip to your step.  Maybe that’s just me though…           Here are some picks for tights and nylons that are office appropriate (including the ones I’m wearing): I’ve had this jacket for quite a few years now so you won’t be able to find it but here are a few of my favourite patterns coats for chilly winter days:    

Client Spotlight: You changed my life! (Part 4)

We’re at our final post for this inaugural Client Spotlight series. In our past three posts, we’ve featured Amy M. – an L Squared Style alumni. She had us work with her to help refresh her personal and professional style. With all honestly, Amy has a very focused sense of style. She really just needed a pick me up on her style. If you haven’t yet had a chance to read the previous posts on Amy, make sure you do (click here for Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3). Lastly, we’ve certainly heard your comments. You want to see more of Amy. Well, that’s exactly what we have planned for this final post. Enough from me, let’s hear from Amy. Of all the lessons that were shared with you during your time with L Squared Style, what are the top 3 things that you’ve fully incorporated into your personal style? Here’s what I’d say: I no longer try and hide my problem areas, instead I highlight the good ones! I miss patterns and wear more colour. I look for the right shape in a garment.  I’m not a box therefore my clothing should not be shaped like a box! I’m adding a 4th one… I do not try to be something I’m not. I realized I dislake t-shirts so I no lnoger try to convince myself I should wear them.  I’ve made peace with the fact that casual (for me) is not a t-shirt. Sometimes I look overdressed but that’s ok. That’s my style! How has this entire experience impacted how you view personal style as well as presentation of self? I’ve always had a very specific style so I think my style has remained the same.  It has evolved though and has been taken up a few notches. I realized that if I don’t feel comfortable or confident in my clothing, it shows on the outside. We have to know (as does everyone else), what are your three most favourite outfits from your wardrobe? Here are three of my favs: Outfit #1: Outfit #2:  Outfit #3: I’m looking forward to sharing more of my wonderfully stylish clients with you.