Add a bit of colour to your step

Spring is right around the corner! It’s a great time to start developing a Spring wardrobe that makes you feel light, stylish, polished, and professional.  For me, one of the easiest ways to transition into a warmer season is by adding a bit of colour into my step.  You’ve probably been wearing black, brown, and grey for most of the winter so it’s time to start looking forward to bright colours!  Before going overboard stocking up on beautifully-coloured shoes, you really should consider looking for shoes that are: Versatile enough to work with at least 3 outfits in your wardrobe (no wasting $$ here ladies) Appropriate for your work environment Comfortable to walk around in (to and from work, walking around at lunch/breaks, etc) Speaks to your style and personality Here are some of my top picks to complete a vibrant, professional look.  To keep things doable for the office, I’ve only chosen close-toe shoes for this one. ALL of these may not fit with the office you work in but certainly some of them would.  These will give you an idea of how to add a bit more colour (and sass) to an outfit while remaining appropriate and professional in your role.

Flip Flops: Where is the line when it comes to office attire?

There are many opinions out there when it comes to flip flops being OK or even appropriate for the office.  The discussions I’ve heard and read about often refer to the use of flip flops by women.  I would argue that the discussion should also include men!  This group may not be a prevalent flip flop user in the workplace, but I have definitely spied these offenders (yes, I just said offenders) in business school as well as in the corporate world on casual Fridays (think Hawaiian shirts and flip flops).  Alright, now that I got that off my chest, we can move on… Image from: We’ve all heard the arguments of why these offenders feel that flip flops are appropriate in the workplace.  It’s interesting (and by interesting, I mean that it makes my brow furrow), that left to their own devices, flip flop lovers have used their “judgement” and justified why flip flops should be allowed in the office.  I’m sure you’ve heard some of these: “My office is really casual so I don’t need to dress professionally” “My flip flops are really feminine and pretty” “They are so comfortable and easy for me to walk in all day long” “No one has said anything all summer so it must be ok” I do agree that flip flops have a place in our lives – like the beach, a weekend at the cabin, or for the morning walk with your dog – but personally, I don’t agree with the thought process of flip flop lovers who insist on including this footwear as part of their regular office attire. Here are some of my thoughts on the topic: Who’s the professional in the room?  Do flip flops really say to others “I am serious about my career?”  In my opinion, I don’t feel that wearing flip flops to the office is going to get you big votes on credibility or professionalism.  If your goal is to continue moving your career forward, I’d ditch the flip flops and go for something more professional.  That doesn’t mean you have to wear a 3 or 4 inch heel but rather, wear a shoe (flats are acceptable) that shows others you care about yourself, your employer, your clients and your future.  Put in the effort because, guess what, people notice! What is that noise?  Plain and simple, flip flops are noisy! If you’re in an office environment and you’re on the phone, in a client meeting, or just working away at your desk, flips flops are noisy… even in an office with carpet (I can hear the flip flop lovers making the same argument about the “click” from heels)!  While your shoes can really add to the overall look of an outfit, you want people looking at YOU and not listening to the noise that is coming from your feet! Does casual = sloppy?  There is a lot of ambiguity around the term business casual and what this really means.  I believe