Frames, face shape and fashion.

Last week, I was featured on CTV’s Consumer Watch (watch it here). (these purple frames are fierce) I had a great time finding beautiful pieces of eyewear for three lovely ladies, each of whom has a very different face shape. To find the best pair of frames for your face, I suggest you consider: Your overall face shape Structure of your cheekbones and jawline Your job/profession Highlighting a bit of your personality Here are some added tips on the three models I featured in this segment: Model #1: Lynda Face shape: Partial square and round shape Facial Structure: strong jawline and wide, prominent cheekbones Why these frames are amazing for Lynda: These frames have a slightly exaggerated height and width. They are also quite bold against her skintone. This fits her well because of her faceshape and facial structure. These are a bold, trendy frame. I suggest skimping on trendy frames.  You can switch these out every year or two if you spend a lot less on them. The colour and pattern on the frame goes well with Lynda’s outgoing, fun personality. These will make a statement and are an unexpected accessory, especially in the workplace. Lynda’s face shape is suited to SO many different styles of frames. Yours likely is too if you have a similar shape and facial structure. Model #2: Cheryl Face shape: Narrow oval – almost oblong Facial Structure: narrow chin and soft cheekbones Why these frames are amazing for Cheryl: They have a classic yet quirky feel to them. They are perfect for those who want to make a bit of a statement with eyewear but aren’t ready to commit to something as bold as Lynda (above) is wearing. They are a midrange pricepoint. The is great if you’re one to keep glasses for 2-3 years. The width is much narrower so they fit well with Cheryl’s face shape. Take a look at frames that are not right for Cheryl. They are too wide for her face and sit much too low on her cheekbones.                     Model #3: Rupi Face shape: Oval Facial Structure: sharp cheekbones and strong, straight nose Why these frames are amazing for Rupi: The metallic bottom of the frame, upturned into a cateye, creates a softer look for her face.  It’s a great contrast to her strong facial features. They are retro yet classic.  These are investment frames for sure. With the right care, you’d have them for years to come. They are very sophisticated and elegant. Look at these frames that are not awesome on Rupi. They are very dated looking. Also, the strong horizontal rectangle does nothing to highlight her face shape.                         Thanks to: Women with Vision Cheryl, Rupi and Lynda :)  

A new year: It’s time to slim down

Happy New Year! Yes, I know. I’m a bit behind with this one. Though I’m not very big on new year’s resolutions, I do take time, throughout the year, to set goals and then reflect on my progress.  Rather than declare some drastic new goal this year, I’d like to work towards slimming down. Now, I don’t mean losing weight (though shedding a few holiday pounds needs to happen). I mean living a more streamlined, minimalistic life.  This is a personal choice and something that I’ve become much more drawn to over the last few years.  We all have too much stuff and spend too much time away from people who are important to us. We do. All of us. I’d like to have fewer but better quality items in my life.   I’d like to spend more time with people who are important to me and enrich my life. Here’s a few examples of what I plan on doing this year: I headed home for the holidays last month and as I was unpacking my suitcase, my fabulous mother mentioned that she liked the few garments that I brought home with me. This got me thinking. I do prefer having better quality pieces and I certainly don’t need to have alot to maintain a personal style that works best for me. My goal: Just as I do every half a year, I’m going to audit my closet to purge items that I just don’t use. I’ll use more of a critical eye than I usually do. My husband and I are pretty healthy in our diet but there are many times when our schedules become quite hectic. We end up eating out. A lot. We don’t eat greasy fast food or anything like that but we do eat out.  Though I love going to restaurants, this practice is a waste of money. It’s even more of a waste when I have to throw out all the beautiful produce I purchased that has gone bad.  My goal: I’m going to spend a bit of time (some evenings and weekends) prepping meals and/or snacks for the rest of the week. In the long run, this will save us a lot of money. Since I’ve owned my own business, I’ve spent more and more time online. I’ve put effort towards building a brand for myself and for my business.  With this, comes significant effort towards maintaining a presence on social media. That’s the nature of what I do. At times though, this has spilled into my personal life. I see myself commenting on friends’ posts and pictures rather then picking up the phone or seeing friends and acquaintences in person.  My goal: I’d like to spend more time offline. It’s time to get back to basics. I want to see and hear from people in my personal and professional networks rather than just read and type with them. What are you doing to slim down this year?

Friday Find: A bit of sunshine

Yay! The sun and warmth has finally made it to my neck of the woods. In honour of the sunshine, I’ve pulled together a couple of bright day dresses for you.  These are perfect for the office and would work well for a weekend soiree too. Let’s call this HI-LO. HI Rebecca Taylor- Sleeveless Textured Brocade Dress The brocade texture and weave detailing are impeccable. This summer frock is a great alternative to your typical power dress and will surely draw attention – the right kind – in the boardroom. If the A/C is a bit high in your office, go ahead and pair this with a light blazer. My suggestion is to stay away from black. I know this is the easiest option for most of you but it really is quite boring (sorry) and doesn’t look very summery. I’d opt for perhaps crisp white (additional texture would look great) or a white and navy pattern or perhaps even a salmon coloured blazer. Yes, I have this in the HI category but guess what? It’s on sale – 30% off (at $262).  Not too HI priced at all! LO H&M- Sleeveless Dress This knee-length, bright yellow frock has beautiful seeming through the waistline which will make it flattering on many body types. It’s begging for a belt. I’d go with a bright pink or turquoise skinny belt.  I might even pair it with a printed belt. At $49.99, this dress is a steal.  With the right care and maintenance, I’m sure you’ll have it for at least a few seasons. Happy Friday!