Friday Fashion for CTV

Last Friday, I appeared on CTV Morning Live with my dear friend, Kimberly Wynn. I was so happy to get to work with Addition Elle, a powerhouse in the 14+ ladies wear market.  I showcased some looks for fall to help get you through this season.   You can check out the full segment here. (Love this photo…. “hey girl”) Adjusting to fall, and the amazing layering season, is a fun transition to make every year, and the outfits I’ve showcased in this CTV segment are stylish ways of how to stay stylish through the next few months. Model #1: Off to Work Why I love this outfit: This outfit is perfect for the office each day. The full camel look is ah-mazing, with the laser cut blouse and faux suede skirt (which has a sexy, yet work appropriate, slit). You’ll likely want to add a black blazer to the outfit, but resist! Instead, add a more interesting colour. Right now, merlot is a great option. Yes, it’s on trend right now but is a great “black alternative” to add to your wardrobe both now and in the future. To complete the outfit, add a fierce belt with standout hardware. As for the shoes, I’ve added a low wedge with an almond toe. But if you want to take this from office to evening, swap out those shoes for a sky high-pointed stiletto.   Model #2: Going to the Farmer’s Market or Lunch with a Friend Why I love this outfit: Layering is a big deal for fall. This outfit is a great example of how to do that successfully. This dress is perfect for a casual Friday look at work, and it easily transitions into weekend casual attire too- as I’m showing you here. Why? It’ll add some polish to an easy weekend look. Here’s how you can wear that chunky cardigan look without looking too bulky. An effortlessly stylish addition to this overall outfit is the leather colour blocking. Finally, go with a flat bootie for shoes. This is going to be easy to walk in and has much more of a casual vibe for a weekend look.   Model #3: Going to a Cocktail Party Why I love this outfit: Do it up right with this dress! The lace overlay adds quite a feminine touch. To contrast with such a feminine choice, we’ve added a caged stiletto and punk hair. The faux fur stole can be a dressy addition, as we’ve shown here. Throw it off the shoulder for a slightly different look. Where credit is due Thanks to Makeup by Bean and Kelli Bland from Ponytails and Horseshoes. What’s your favourite fall fashion for work, weekend or a night out? Tell us on our L Squared Style page on Facebook or Twitter. Now go to Addition Elle and find these outfits!

Personal Branding Summer Series- on CBC Radio

Ok, so I’m over my short hiatus. Thanks for being patient. You may have heard or seen that I was on CBC Radio throughout the month of May.  Well, here, here, here and here is where you can find these segments. I know. I should have shared these earlier. You know I share advice and coach people on developing their personal style. Did you know that when I work with organizations I coach people on building their personal brand? Some of you did. My focus is, and has always been, supporting people to uncover a level of confidence and empowerment within themselves. Over the summer, I’m getting the chance to share more of my personal branding expertise with CBC listeners.  This past Monday, I shared some tips on trying to remain focused when all you want to do is sunbath and enjoy a bevvy on a patio. I know.  The early days of summer are hard. You can listen to the segment here: Slipping into summer vacation mode is pretty easy.  It’s not great though, if you’re not on vacation.  Letting things slide too much can, sooner rather than later, be detrimental. I shared some tips during this past segment but I wanted to share a few more things with you. Here are some quick, easy ways to stay motivated during the early days of summer… when really, deep down, you just want to be vacation all summer long. Set micro goals– break up the deliverables and tasks that you have to do into smaller increments. Think about what you have to do today, in the next few days or over the course of the week. Small wins will help you stay on track. Take mini-breaks when needed– forcing yourself to stare at your computer or sit at your desk until you’ve completed a task usually doesn’t work (unless you’re under deadline pressures!). That’s not how we are hardwired.  If you are losing focus, get up, take a break and reset.  You’ll be much more productive than sitting there, forcing yourself to do something that you just can’t do at the moment. Share some of the things you’re doing over the summer- on social media, it’s easy to get into the mode of “I’m using this for business” but if you’re trying to engage with your audience, it’s often better to mix it up by share some of the personal things you’re doing. Selfishly, this is a good way to break up some of the day-to-day grind for yourself and inject some of your personal interests into what you share on social media. Change your environment- sometimes a change in scene is helpful. Go to your local library, the office atrium, your local coffee shop, a quiet park bench or wherever else makes you feel great. This is a great perk-me-up. Go for a walk– Go get some sun. Stretch your legs. Sometimes you just need some fresh air, summer heat and sunshine on your face. ​​Dress summery yet professional- dressing for the season makes you just feel summery and light. Make sure

Wide leg pants? Yes please. (Part 3)

Today, I’m sharing the last outfit from our recent style advice segment on Breakfast Television (watch it here). It’s awesome. I know that it might seem a bit scary to some of you. Cropped pants. Bright, bold orange. Let’s deconstruct this look. Model #3: Courtney   Clothing & Accessories: Simons Shoes: Simons (Sam Edelman… in case you are wondering) Hair: House of Tin Makeup: Makeup by Bean Why this outfit is awesome: This outfit is perfect for a fun art or design event, cocktail party… something along those lines. You’d certainly stand out in these light, silky, orange cropped pants. Yes, this is a bold pant. But rather than pair this with a black top, black shoes and a black jacket (which I know many of you would do when wearing one brightly coloured garment), we’re elevating this look by adding additional colour and mixing different textures. Try it. A cropped tank, like the one above, is a great way to balance a wide leg pant. We talked about that in our last post. Because the pant is high waisted, you’re not really showing much tummy with this top. You certainly aren’t showing all your bits; if a slightly longer blouse feels better, do that. A pointed, sleek mule stiletto is perfect for an evening look. Our model’s hair is party perfect with soft, light curls and a deep side part. This bold lip is what makes her makeup pop against the outfit. Her accessories are bold – a big, bow stud earring and a thick chain bracelet. This brings some lux to this look without being overdone. I know it might seem scary but once you look at each item and understand how to do this for you, it’s really not. Break it down, just as I did above, and pull together items that you feel best speak to your taste. Hit me up if you have a question. Thanks to my buddy Dale for being our onsite photographer during this shoot.