Holiday Attire- NYE looks (part 2)

It’s New Year’s Eve! A wonderful style evening is ahead of us. Here’s a couple of interesting dressy new years looks from our last style segment on Breakfast Television. Look 1 Though fun, and not really clothes (these ladies are adorable), this may not be this right look for you…. via I’d go with something like this…. I love this winter white look with the detachable collar.  Go ahead and add accessories that really speak to your personality.   Look 2 While this is a perfectly fine and classic look, why not step outside your comfort zone this new years? via   Here’s what I’m talking about…. You must check out this outfit. It’s got all the classic elements of a dressy evening look while being ultra trendy and interesting. Don’t feel shy to mix and match colours and patterns as you see here. Hope you all have a fun and exciting NYE planned. See you in 2014! Credits: Hair: Colleen (FUSS Salon) Makeup: Gina (FUSS Salon) Models: Michelle & Darcy Clothing: Simons Shoes: The Bay– City Centre

Holiday Attire- you know, for when you’re visiting family and friends (part 1)

I love my time on Breakfast Television! I was fortunate enough to share some holiday looks on a recent segment. As you know, I normally share advice and tips on professional style and personal branding but I this time, decided to do something totally different and fun for the holidays. I’m talking about elevating a holiday look… you know, the what to wear vs. what not to wear concept. I’m breaking down this segment into two parts: casual holiday attire and dressy-formal New Year’s looks. Up first, casual attire. Look 1 Instead of wearing something like this to your aunt’s/family friend’s/cousin’s house (Hilarious? Yes.  Practical for eating at the dinner table? Not so much)…. Photo from: I’d suggest something more like this – a sweater that  truly has that holiday, cozy feel and is WAY more stylish.  By the way, I know you think this sweater looks dressy to wear at home but it’s really just a sweater. You wear sweaters. Pair it with a slim leg pant and simple accessories.  If you prefer a skirt, I’d suggest one that is a bit fuller for a more vintage-inspired look (make sure this skirt style works for your body type). The studded collar is a lot so over-accessorizing would just be too much. I’ve paired these pants with velvet loafers.  If you want to make this outfit a bit dressier, add a pump, preferrably one with a thin, stilletto heel. Look 2 Everyone loves a cheesy Christmas sweater, like this one…. Photo from:, Jason Yormark- Rock Your Ugly Christmas Sweater  Here’s a holiday sweater that is perfect to wear when visiting or having people over at your place.  I’ve taken it up a notch with a red, studded bowtie. I know. A studded bowtie. At home. It’s the holidays, go for it. There are a lot of patterns going on in this outfit.  That’s perfectly fine.  If it’s too much for you, remove a pattern.  Maybe swap out the polka dot button down shirt for a solid-coloured one. If the bow tie really is too much for you, don’t force it. I’ve added green trousers with a bit of sheen in them to dress up this sweater.  If you want to keep it casual, add a pair of dark-wash jeans instead. Stay tuned for Part 2…. Credits: Hair: Colleen (FUSS Salon) Makeup: Gina (FUSS Salon) Models: Megan & Kevin S. Clothing: Simons Shoes: The Bay– City Centre