Introducing Style Ivy

This week we have some news – BIG news! L Squared Style had just launched the next phase of our business.  This new venture called Style Ivy.   Some of you may have seen previews on social media or maybe you’ve heard rumours through the grapevine. Well, rumour no more. It’s official. Come January 2016 Style Ivy will be available online! First, we want to make sure you know what it’s all about: Style Ivy has been something I’ve been working on for three years now.  It’s all about one thing- personal style. That’s it. We want to empower you to know that style is more than making fashion choices, it extends beyond your wardrobe. Style can make you not only look great, but feel great too! With Style Ivy, we put those tools in your hands. Each day, I work one-on-one with clients and well as train various size teams. Both groups hire me for this personalized service of better understanding their image and what they can do to improve what they share with the world each day.  It’s a premium service. It’s worth it. Ask those who work with me. On the Style Ivy platform, our first e-course is called Style Foundations.  This is an online course that will take you through a journey to discover your own style. In this course there are lessons, videos and, yes, homework. The homework at the end of each lesson is to help you further understand your style goals and personal goals. How does this differ from L Squared Style? Well Style Foundations allows you to go through this style overhaul at a slower pace of two lessons a week and gives you the time to reflect on what you want from your clothing choices. Also, Style Foundations is accessible to anyone, any where and at any time.  It democratizes the services I offer to anyone who is interested in personal/professional development . On that note – Christmas is coming up. If you have someone in your life who fits the description, think about getting Style Foundations for them. It could be just what they need to start the new year with a bang!     Style Ivy. Don’t just think about it. Do it. This is your time. Check us out on Facebook (Style Ivy) or on Twitter and Instagram – @yourstyleivy.

Back to Work: Formal business attire that’s anything but stuffy (Part 3)

You have a busy work and social life.  I get that. This outfit, from our last style segmenton Breakfast Television, is going to show you how to straddle the work-to-networking-event line. Yes, there is such a line. Let’s get to it. 3rd Look: Going to a Networking Event                                           Why this is awesome: You’re a busy person. This outfit does double duty from the office to that business cocktail or networking event you need to get to. Don’t overthink it- just put this on and get to work. This outfit has a powersuit look and feel yet it translates flawlessly to an evening business event. It’s a lot more interesting that your simple black dress (though I do love a classic LBD). Throughout this past segment, we’ve been talking about black blazers – you know, that one that you think goes with everything. Instead of that simple black blazer, try one that has some embellishment. This one is has beading along the slanted side pockets. Love. This skirt is killa! Yes, wear this to work. You’ll stand out… for all the right reasons. Now, get to it! Back to work this month means stepping it up ladies. Who contributed to this look? Hair: Colleen McGinn Makeup: Gina Bilocerkowec Clothing, Shoes and Accessories: Good Stuff Styling: Me, of course.

Back to Work: Formal business attire that’s anything but stuffy (Part 2)

Last week, I shared a style segment I participated in on Breakfast Television. I had such a great time putting this together and I’m thrilled to give you a breakdown of the second look from this segment. My thoughts: You probably know how I feel about this topic (as I shake my head).  In general, I feel that people present themselves WAY too casually. This is especially true on days when dress codes are relaxed (casual Fridays). My take on it is this: even on casual workdays, you’re still a professional, in a professional environment.  Anyone can walk into your office at any given time. It’s important to always present yourself professionally. Ok, enough of that. Let me show you a much better way to do casual Friday. The items I showcased for this segment are all from LOFT. Yes, the shoes too. You’re going to love this one. 2nd Look: Biz Casual (that isn’t so casual) Why this is awesome: This leopard print blouse is perfect for your work wardrobe. It’s easy to wear, layers well and can be dressed up/down. I’ve paired it with my take on khakis, which I’d say is a common casual Friday garment. This skirt is much more than a standard pair of khaki pants. It has great structure and has a sleek cut.  It really is a foundational wardrobe item (yes, this is an investment garment). You may have noticed that the common thread throughout this segment was the black blazer. This is likely the type of black blazer that most of you have in your wardrobe right now (rather that the velvet, black blazer I showcased in the first look). If you don’t have this basic item, LOFT has it for you. Go get it. I’ve paired this look with a deep brown, pointed booty. Yes, the boot doesn’t match the blazer. That would be too boring and typical. You’re not boring and typical. The bit of brown and taupe in the leopard print blouse complements the brown booty but doesn’t match. THAT’S effortlessly stylish. No need to overthink this ladies. If you’re looking for a new updo for work, try this braided crown. It’s an elevated work-appropriate updo that looks like you’ve just stepped out of a magazine. It doesn’t look too polished; that would look too beauty queen-ish. The only real pop of colour in this look is the red lip on our model. If you’re wanting to try a brighter lip colour at the office, my suggestion is to keep the rest of your makeup subtle. You certainly don’t want to look like you’re ready for the bar while you’re on your way to work.   Who contributed to this look? Hair: Colleen McGinn Makeup: Gina Bilocerkowec Clothing, Shoes and Accessories: LOFT Styling: Me, of course.