Friday Find: Casual, comfy weekend boot

For the ladies: For the Gents:   Why? reasonable price point Easy weekend boot that isn’t out of place strolling around town or going for a  good for a light day hike.  

Friday Find: Navy Transitional Coats

It’s that time again. Time to layer it up for Fall. Gents, I want to show you three ah-mazing lightweight coats for fall. Oh, and they’re all navy- a universally flattering colour which is classic for any season. If you’re looking to upgrade your Fall coat situation, these are all great choices.  They: Can be worn on their own, with either a t shirt or a couple of layers underneath Would layer well under a winter coat for when it gets really chilly out Check these out: Quilted Chambray Jacket (La Panoplie)- $121 Field Jacket (BOSS)- $598 Harrington Jacket (Ben Sherman)- $213

Friday Find: Fierce Sunnies

This Friday, I’m going to showcase a piece of fashion that may be needed most during the summer, but is always an important accessory to have at your disposal. And that’s a reliably fashionable pair of sunglasses. The summer may be behind us now, but as long as the sun is shining bright year round, you’ll always have an opportunity to bring out one of these fantastic pairs of sunglasses. These are three absolutely top choices, which I’d strongly recommend to anyone currently in the market. These glasses have a classic aviator style that’s eternally stylish. On top of that, they’re matte frames that are unusual, unexpected but also  very fashionable. Remember, sunnies are the ultimate accessory. If you update your summer shades to these bad boys, you’ll be able to keep wearing them all year round. 1. Quay Livenon Matte Shades – $48.00 The price point of this pair of shades is great for the quality you’ll get. I love the round lens embedded in this frame that give it a great look. 2. Wonderland Stateline Leather Sunglasses – $378.25 The obvious upside to these glasses is that they’re leather, which is very cool. That makes for a great pairing with the glasses’ gold hardware giving this a very fashionable look. 3. Mykita Eyewear sunglasses – $499.00 I love these sunglasses for their matte tortoiseshell. They’re made in Germany and are a classic style that will make them a perfect accessory to invest in and impress. What do you think of these three pairs of stylish shades? Is there a different pair that you have your heart set on or that looks equally as a fantastic? Add to the conversation and comment on the L Squared Style Facebook page or follow @lsquaredstyle on Twitter and contribute there. We want to hear from you!