As an Edmonton style consulting company, L2 Style offers a wide variety of services to help groom your organization’s people – your greatest ambassadors – for great success.

L2 Style offers:

  • Lunch & learn seminars (also offered after work)
  • Half & full day workshops
  • Monthly modules (including Personal Branding Overview, Personal Visioning & Reflection of Self, Presentation of Self, Online Branding and more)
  • One-on-one or small group tactical training (for grooming your key, public-facing people)
  • Dress-code policy review, analysis and update
  • People brand policy development



L2 Style understands that you are happier and more productive in all of life’s situations when you look and feel your best – at work, at home, in the community. Your style should communicate who you are. Let us help you find and define the style that is uniquely you – your own style brand.

Our simple 4-Step Process is tailor-made to easily suit your shape, size – and your budget!

Step 1: Closet Consultation (Starting at $550)

This is a thorough (2 – 2.5 hour) audit and review of your closet.

It starts with the Closet Clean-up, where we review the items in your wardrobe to see what works for you and what doesn’t.

Next is Understanding Fit VS Flatter, where we teach you what silhouettes are most flattering for your body type.

Then we start Building New Outfits, which gives you an in-depth understanding of how to build new outfits from your existing closet (and spend less time standing in your closet with a puzzled look on your face).

Lastly, we give you a Tip Sheet so you can remember the lessons learned during your session.

Step 2: Personal Shopping (Starting at $100 an hour)

This session teaches you how to be a smart, strategic, no-nonsense shopper. Once we’ve fully understood your needs, we work with you to pre-select stores. Our goals are to make sure you acquire fabulous pieces that work with the rest of your wardrobe and to avoid making little “shopping mistakes” in the future. (We’ve all bought that ill-fitting shirt on a whim because it was on sale…)

We also show you how to shop within your budget – and still find those great pieces that others covet!

If you have a particularly hectic life, we can even go shopping on your behalf.

Step 3: Let’s Get Specific (Starting at $300)

This one takes all the thinking and struggling out of that age-old question of “What should I wear today?”

Once Steps 1 and 2 are done, we work with you to build outfits, garment by garment. Using both your old closet favourites and your new purchases, we’ll lay each item out in order to build “formula” outfits (so you can make your busy mornings much easier).

Step 4: Maintenance (Starting at $300)

During this final session in our package, we check up on you and see how you’re doing. We understand that learning to present yourself in a different and more specific way is a journey rather than a destination, so let us continue down that path with you as start to find your way.

Purchase each service individually or together.

L2 Style also offers a follow-up consultation with you every year (or as often as you need it).


Especially Special Services:

Style Party

L2 Style believes everyone should get star treatment sometimes. Our Style Party will make you feel pretty Hollywood (and yet it’s a great way to actually save some cash on your new purchases). We work with you to customize this style experience for you and your friends.

Bridal Style

Look and feel your absolute best on your big day! We’ll help you select a variety of bridal dress options based on your wedding style, theme and colours, personal style and body shape. The perfect dress for the perfect day? Perfectly possible! And at L2 Style, we make your wedding style journey fun!

Special Event

Dressing for a special event can be daunting, right? Whether it’s someone’s wedding or a gala, you want to look your absolute best. Thankfully, we do it all. Whether it’s hair, makeup or other finishing touches, L2 Style is connected with the right style to get your fabulous self looking especially fabulous!

Group Shopping

We know that sometimes it’s more fun shopping with your closest pals. That’s whye offer a group shopping experience for you and up to three shopping buds. We work with you to hand-pick boutiques that fit the needs of you and your group. Everyone on the tour receives professional advice from our style consultant on what clothing and accessories are optimal for their life situation, body shop, style preference and budget.

Professional Photos

Having a profile pic on social media and professional networking platforms is important. And face it, you have a lot more character that the usual boring corporate head shot. At L2 Style, we work with you to create a head shot that is fresh, current and perfectly in line with your personal branding.

Family Photos

Your family’s got character. The snaps you capture in a family photo shoot should be equally unique. Let L2 Style help you put together looks for your family that complement each other while letting each of you stand out with your own personality. Oh, and we work with photographers as well as hair and makeup professionals to make the whole experience easy peasy.