Reader Spotlight: I just had a baby. What should I wear to a garden party?

Hey Lazina, If you were going to a wedding where the dress code was “garden party formal” what would you wear? Keep in my I will be nursing and just delivered a baby 4 weeks prior. Any thoughts are welcome!! ~ Ashley Hi Ashley,   First off, congrats on your new bundle of joy.  That’s fantastic! I can completely appreciate your uncertainty of what to wear right to this event right after having had a baby.  Here’s an idea for you: Why you’ll love it: It is a great transition dress for a post-pregnancy body in that it has an elastic waist…. so you know it’ll be comfy.  Also, the gathering at the front will draw the eye to the smallest part of the waist while providing coverage to other areas of your midsection that you might not be as comfortable showing off as yet (or ever). The soft, pleated straps are a bit thicker to accommodate a nursing bra so you won’t have to worry about your bra straps showing. The dress is 100% silk.  That alone will provide a more formal look to the dress. The print is fun and playful. It’s just right for a garden party! The v-neck is flattering and will likely show off tasteful cleavage (you are at a party after all).  If it ends up being too much cleavage, just add a cami underneath. Here are some accessory suggestions to complete the look:   Have fun at the party!  

Wearing the exact same dress as another guest at a wedding…. yikes!!

I was at a family wedding in Toronto this past weekend and noticed that two different sets of ladies were wearing the same dress.  Yes, you read that right!  I saw two women who had inadvertently dressed like twins.  If that wasn’t bad enough, not five minutes later, I saw two ¬other women who were wearing the same dress – needless to say, they seemed pretty embarrassed to have been wearing the same dress.   I guess it shouldn’t be all too shocking to me since there are so many stores that mass-produce clothes at fairly reasonable prices… who can resist a good deal! What was all too much for me to understand was that these two different sets of ladies accessorized the dress in the EXACT same way.  They looked like bridesmaids rather than family or friends of the newly-married couple.  Anyway, after I stopped furrowing my brow, here were my thoughts on how these women (all 4 of them) could have differentiated themselves from one another: Go home and change (kidding… no I’m not, yes I am… no I’m not)! When purchasing the dress, opt for a colour that is less popular.  Make sure it looks fabulous against your skin tone though. Add accessories that are different yet fit with your personality.   My thinking would be to choose the less obvious accessory choice to pair with the dress. Here are some of my suggestions: If the dress is simple, glam it up with a pair of bold, eye-catching heels.  You could look for evening footwear at a consignment store to find the perfect shoes that is totally unique. Add a belt – perhaps you’ll need a skinny, shiny belt if the dress lacks oomph or a chunky, edgy belt if you want more of a funky look. Add a brooch, necklace or earrings in a bold, contrasting colour.  This will draw the eye to the accessory and integrate it as a key component of your outfit. Pair your dress with an evening clutch that definitely enhances the look of the dress.  My tendency is to opt for something that is a bit edgier that complements the tone of the dress. When in doubt, play up your hair and makeup!  It’s amazing how an interesting hairstyle/up-do with interesting makeup choices can change your overall look! These tips would definitely have helped the wedding guests I encountered this weekend stand apart!  If you have any questions on how to ensure that YOU stand apart, let me know.