Holiday Attire- you know, for when you’re visiting family and friends (part 1)

I love my time on Breakfast Television! I was fortunate enough to share some holiday looks on a recent segment.

As you know, I normally share advice and tips on professional style and personal branding but I this time, decided to do something totally different and fun for the holidays.

I’m talking about elevating a holiday look… you know, the what to wear vs. what not to wear concept.

I’m breaking down this segment into two parts: casual holiday attire and dressy-formal New Year’s looks.

Up first, casual attire.

Look 1

Instead of wearing something like this to your aunt’s/family friend’s/cousin’s house (Hilarious? Yes.  Practical for eating at the dinner table? Not so much)….


Photo from:

I’d suggest something more like this – a sweater that  truly has that holiday, cozy feel and is WAY more stylish.  By the way, I know you think this sweater looks dressy to wear at home but it’s really just a sweater. You wear sweaters.


  • Pair it with a slim leg pant and simple accessories.  If you prefer a skirt, I’d suggest one that is a bit fuller for a more vintage-inspired look (make sure this skirt style works for your body type).
  • The studded collar is a lot so over-accessorizing would just be too much.
  • I’ve paired these pants with velvet loafers.  If you want to make this outfit a bit dressier, add a pump, preferrably one with a thin, stilletto heel.

Look 2

Everyone loves a cheesy Christmas sweater, like this one….


Photo from:, Jason Yormark- Rock Your Ugly Christmas Sweater 

Here’s a holiday sweater that is perfect to wear when visiting or having people over at your place.  I’ve taken it up a notch with a red, studded bowtie. I know. A studded bowtie. At home. It’s the holidays, go for it.


  • There are a lot of patterns going on in this outfit.  That’s perfectly fine.  If it’s too much for you, remove a pattern.  Maybe swap out the polka dot button down shirt for a solid-coloured one.
  • If the bow tie really is too much for you, don’t force it.
  • I’ve added green trousers with a bit of sheen in them to dress up this sweater.  If you want to keep it casual, add a pair of dark-wash jeans instead.

Stay tuned for Part 2….


Hair: Colleen (FUSS Salon)

Makeup: Gina (FUSS Salon)

Models: Megan & Kevin S.

Clothing: Simons

Shoes: The Bay– City Centre