Client Spotlight: You changed my life! (Part 3)

I’m so excited to share today’s post.  We’re talking to one of my fabulous clients, Amy M, who has shared her style journey and has opened up her closet to us. If you haven’t yet read the first and second post in this series, you’ll surely want to catch up. Last time, Amy shared her amazing “Project Closet” with us.  This week, we’re asked her exactly what she invested to create this lovely dressing room. Let’s read what she has to say. So, you told us about the various components of your wardrobe.  When you initially decided to build a dressing room, what type of budget did set? Why? I knew this was not going to be cheap, so I decided on a budget of $1200-1500. I felt like if I was going to do it, I was going to do exactly what I wanted and not half-ass it. I wanted to love the space and be happy with it. So, tell us what you got.  Here’s what I purchased: 3 bookcases (IKEA) – $99/bookcase 12 extra shelves (IKEA) – $20/shelf A display case (IKEA) – $400 An area rug (IKEA) – $20 Covers for throw pillows (IKEA) – $30 2 garment racks (Canadian Tire) – $90/rack Chandelier (Canadian Tire) – $200 Clear shower curtain rings (Canadian Tire) – $20 A belt organizer (Home Outfitters) – $20 Jewelry displays (Eddie’s Hang Ups) – $65 I already owned a nightstand, a full length mirror, a mannequin, design books and the purple velvet hangers. The total I spent on buidling this space was $1472.  This is right in line with the budget I set. Where did you skimp and where did you splurge? I would say my biggest splurge was the chandelier. I mean seriously…I didn’t need it. Who needs a chandelier in their closet? But I saw it when I was purchasing my garment racks and loved it. Bit of an impulse purchase but I don’t regret it! My other half was a real trooper putting that thing together and hanging it.  There was much profanity. I would have liked the bookcases to match the nightstand and display case exactly, but the matching ones would have cost me about $400 more in total. So I skimped and went with the non-matching ones in the same color. What was the best bargain you found as you pulled together this amazing space? The polka dot area rug at IKEA for $20! I have a mild obsession with polka dots so it was perfect for me. If you had to do it again, where might you skimp even more? I would do it exactly the same way but if someone wanted to skimp, they could skip the display case as it was quite expensive.  I might suggest opting for another bookcase to display bags and shoes. What was the one thing you’re glad you splurged on? Two things: I did a TON of research on garment racks before I purchased any. I opted for the commercial grade garment racks with a 50lb weight rating.

Client Spotlight: You changed my life! (Part 2)

Last week, I shared a very special post from one of my fabulous clients, Amy M.  If you didn’t get a chance to read about Amy’s style journey, make sure you take a peek at Part 1. In that last post, Amy told us about Project Closet.  Let’s learn more about from Amy on what she’s been up to since she started working with L Squared Style. Why did you go down the road of wardrobe organization? This was my boyfriend’s idea. When we moved in together, we chose to live in his house instead of mine. The closet situation was abysmal. To remedy what could have been a breakup worthy situation, he suggested I take over one of the spare bedrooms and use it as a closet. I took his suggestion and ran with it…I think he was thinking a few racks in a spare room.  It turned into something far bigger. I started thinking of all the things I could do with that space. I had a lot of shoes that I stored in shoeboxes (When I say a lot, I mean A LOT. We aren’t in double digits anymore Toto.) and I found I was forgetting what I owned.  As a result, I was not wearing some of the fabulous things I had. I had been wearing what was accessible. I wanted everything organized and out where I could see it. What did you do to organize your entire wardrobe? Here’s what I did: Shoes are on the bookcases, sorted by style and colour.  My bags are on top of the bookcases (I keep a small step stool stowed away in the closet!). Clothing is on garment racks sorted by type (dresses together, pants together, etc) and colour. ​Jewelry is on displays and easily accessible. Jewelry that cannot be displayed is in the drawers below. Designer shoes and bags are displayed in a glass cabinet. Earrings are stored in individualized compartment trays in a shallow drawer and the other drawers are used for coloured tights, etc. I used the actual closet in the spare room to organize my scarves and belts and to store my laundry hamper. I purchased clear shower curtain rings which I used to hang my scarves (this works like a charm). Knee high boots are organized neatly under my garment racks and each pair has a boot shaper in them which stands them up straight and helps the boot keep its shape. What do you love most about how you’ve set up your new space? I love how incredibly girly it is. It screams me. From the polka dot area rug, chandelier, throw pillows…I love everything in that space. Everything is out in the open and nothing is hidden away in a box or a drawer. Now that you can see everything, how do you feel about getting dressed everyday? I love it! I choose my outfits the night before (I like to hit the snooze button…and I am usually really rushed in

Client Spotlight: You changed my life! (Part 1)

I have great news to share with you. Many of you have asked what the experience is like working with a style and personal branding consultant so we decided to “demystify” things.  What fun! In this inaugural post for Client Spotlight, we’re featuring Amy M.  Amy is one of L Squared Style’s clients who has told us many times that “you’ve changed my life!”  To be honest, she has a strong sense of style.  All she needed was a bit of coaching to understanding what cuts and colours of garments were best for her. Enough from me.  Let’s hear from Amy. Why did you originally reach out and contact L Squared Style?  I knew I had a lot of great pieces in my closet but I was stuck in a fashion rut. My Mom (and shopping partner in crime) was constantly telling me that I needed to wear colour and pattern but I was slightly terrified at the thought of wearing anything other than a solid black or grey. I had a lot of fantastic shoes and accessories but felt I could only wear them with solid black or, on a really adventurous day, black & white. I was also having a tough time transitioning into my “ahem” late 30’s. One thing I really struggled with was casual clothing. I went from office appropriate wear to yoga pants, there was nothing in between. And I don’t even do yoga! What were your initial thoughts once you had your first discussion with Lazina? I thought Lazina was really friendly, professional and fun. She was well organized, which I really appreciated! I loved the questionnaire she sent before the closet consultation. It asked all the right questions and really made me feel like she understood what I was after and what I most wanted from the experience. What was the style coaching experience like for you?  There’s a few things I’d say: The closet consultation alone was brilliant. Lazina highlighted the good and the not so good pieces in my wardrobe and showed me how to re-love pieces I already owned by taking them to a tailor and making some small changes. I had a green blazer in my closet I had for probably 5 years and wore only a couple times. She showed me how to take up the sleeves to a ¾ length, move a button and shorten it and now I wear it all the time! The other thing that was life changing was when I was talking about my struggle with casual clothing as Lazina was looking through my mountains of t-shirts and jeans. She looked at me and said “You aren’t a t-shirt and jeans girl, so why are you trying so hard to be one?” LIGHTBULB MOMENT! I discovered my casual style, which was a maxi dress and denim jacket or trouser jeans, a button up shirt and a blazer…all things I already owned! I loved the tip sheet that was sent after the closet consult as well as the photos that were included. This