Client Spotlight: You changed my life! (Part 3)

I’m so excited to share today’s post.  We’re talking to one of my fabulous clients, Amy M, who has shared her style journey and has opened up her closet to us.

If you haven’t yet read the first and second post in this series, you’ll surely want to catch up.

Last time, Amy shared her amazing “Project Closet” with us.  This week, we’re asked her exactly what she invested to create this lovely dressing room.

Let’s read what she has to say.

So, you told us about the various components of your wardrobe.  When you initially decided to build a dressing room, what type of budget did set? Why?

I knew this was not going to be cheap, so I decided on a budget of $1200-1500. I felt like if I was going to do it, I was going to do exactly what I wanted and not half-ass it. I wanted to love the space and be happy with it.

So, tell us what you got. 

Here’s what I purchased:

  • 3 bookcases (IKEA) – $99/bookcase
  • 12 extra shelves (IKEA) – $20/shelf
  • A display case (IKEA) – $400
  • An area rug (IKEA) – $20
  • Covers for throw pillows (IKEA) – $30
  • 2 garment racks (Canadian Tire) – $90/rack
  • Chandelier (Canadian Tire) – $200
  • Clear shower curtain rings (Canadian Tire) – $20
  • A belt organizer (Home Outfitters) – $20
  • Jewelry displays (Eddie’s Hang Ups) – $65


I already owned a nightstand, a full length mirror, a mannequin, design books and the purple velvet hangers.

The total I spent on buidling this space was $1472.  This is right in line with the budget I set.



Where did you skimp and where did you splurge?

I would say my biggest splurge was the chandelier. I mean seriously…I didn’t need it. Who needs a chandelier in their closet? But I saw it when I was purchasing my garment racks and loved it. Bit of an impulse purchase but I don’t regret it! My other half was a real trooper putting that thing together and hanging it.  There was much profanity.



I would have liked the bookcases to match the nightstand and display case exactly, but the matching ones would have cost me about $400 more in total. So I skimped and went with the non-matching ones in the same color.

What was the best bargain you found as you pulled together this amazing space?

The polka dot area rug at IKEA for $20! I have a mild obsession with polka dots so it was perfect for me.



If you had to do it again, where might you skimp even more?

I would do it exactly the same way but if someone wanted to skimp, they could skip the display case as it was quite expensive.  I might suggest opting for another bookcase to display bags and shoes.

What was the one thing you’re glad you splurged on?

Two things:

  1. I did a TON of research on garment racks before I purchased any. I opted for the commercial grade garment racks with a 50lb weight rating. I did not want them breaking or tipping over.
  2. Something I already owned but would really recommend people splurging on, are good hangers. I purchased the velvet space saving hangers.  They save a lot of space and your shirts won’t slip off the hangers. Beyond the Rack often has 50 packs of these hangers for $25. They come in various colors so they are fun too!

What’s your favourite part of your space?

That’s a tough one, I love the entire space! If I had to pick, I would say my shoe wall.

Some of you have already shared that you’d like to see Amy’s style. Stay tuned for our next and final post with Amy where you’ll get to see her amazing sense of personal style.