Wearing the exact same dress as another guest at a wedding…. yikes!!

I was at a family wedding in Toronto this past weekend and noticed that two different sets of ladies were wearing the same dress.  Yes, you read that right!  I saw two women who had inadvertently dressed like twins.  If that wasn’t bad enough, not five minutes later, I saw two ¬other women who were wearing the same dress – needless to say, they seemed pretty embarrassed to have been wearing the same dress.   I guess it shouldn’t be all too shocking to me since there are so many stores that mass-produce clothes at fairly reasonable prices… who can resist a good deal!

What was all too much for me to understand was that these two different sets of ladies accessorized...

Fun Looks for that Summer Getaway

It’s the middle of this hot summer (well at least it’s hot for some people this summer) and you’re off to a fun summer destination… think Kelowna or the Muskokas (or the equivalent in your neck of the woods)!  What is one to pack besides the usual hiking gear, sports-wear and essential bikini??  Here are some fun summer options that are easy to throw on yet give you that “I-look-fabulous” kind of vibe.  Remember, it’s summer so have fun with these looks!

1. A Day of Wine Tasting

Plus-Size Dress Options for those Summer Days at the Office

During those long summer days in the office, you might feel that the dress code (if there is one) doesn’t really indicate how to remain summer-appropriate.  You know what I mean – “business casual” just isn’t specific enough on days when it’s hot out and you’re a bit sticky from going down to the local coffee shop to grab your morning fix.

Listening to the experiences from some of my plus-size female clients, I decided that it’s time to outline a few amazing summer work options for all you fabulous, fashion-forward, plus-size ladies.
Here are three favourite picks for those middle of the summer- wish I was at a resort/cabin but have to work kind of days!