Plus-Size Dress Options for those Summer Days at the Office

During those long summer days in the office, you might feel that the dress code (if there is one) doesn’t really indicate how to remain summer-appropriate.  You know what I mean – “business casual” just isn’t specific enough on days when it’s hot out and you’re a bit sticky from going down to the local coffee shop to grab your morning fix.

Listening to the experiences from some of my plus-size female clients, I decided that it’s time to outline a few amazing summer work options for all you fabulous, fashion-forward, plus-size ladies.
Here are three favourite picks for those middle of the summer- wish I was at a resort/cabin but have to work kind of days!

(Short Sleeve Faux Wrap Dress,

Who says you shouldn’t wear black in the summer?  This faux wrap dress looks chic, professional and put-together.  I love how the dress hits the waist at the smallest part and then flows away from the body.  The flowy sleeve is really pretty, delicate AND isn’t tight under the arms (AKA – no sweat stains)!  My gut tells me to pair this with faux, snakeskin sandals (heels are always great), a chunky, gun-metal coloured bracelet and chandelier earrings.  I suggest staying away from a necklace as this V-neck shape will open up the neck and help to create length in your overall shape.

(Suzi Chin Maggy Boutique Pleated Cap Sleeve Dress,

I am just crazy about this dress!  It is perfect for summer days in the office or even a night out (you’ll have to glam it up a bit for an evening on the town).  I love how your eye is drawn to the waist because of the layering in the pattern.  I’d opt for a textured stone-grey belt, a black or grey peep-toe heel and a simple diamond earring.  You don’t want to add too much to this look because of the pattern so really focus on keeping the rest of your accessories toned down.  Lastly, I love the cap sleeve on this dress, it is VERY flattering!

(Donna Ricco Jewelled Silk Dress,

This is the perfect dress to take you from the office to an evening event or drinks out!  I love that the neckline has some classy bling on it (which makes it ok for the office).  I would normally suggest that you define the waist a bit more with an accent-colour belt but the waistline is a little high on this dress.  Instead, I’d focus on adding colour to this look by using other accessories – think cherry-red pumps or a chunky emerald green/bright purple bracelet.  I’d stay away from an earring that is too heavy because of all the jewels at the neckline but feel free to play with colour!
Remember to think about how to get the most out of an outfit.  You CAN be stylish and still pay your mortgage ladies.  How can you make your beautiful summer frocks go the distance?  If you have a question, just hit me up.  I’m always happy to help!