The essential item in your closet: A blazer

I know many of you struggle with how to easily and effortlessly complete an outfit.  When you have no time, no clue, or just don’t care, the easiest thing you can do to finish any look – whether we’re talking work or play – is add a blazer.

Here are a few quick things to remember… this applies to both guys and gals.

  1. Make sure you choose a blazer that can be worn with many different outfits in your closet.  Think about colour, cut and texture of the blazer so that it can complement outfits in your current wardrobe.  My quick advice is to stay away from black (yawn… boring) unless we’re talking something more formal.  I know you think this is a great option but, honestly, there are so many different blazers out there that are stylish and versatile – especially when thinking about your casual wardrobe.  The goal is to make sure you get the most out of a blazer that you choose.
  2. Play up your presonality.  Unless we’re talking a classic work jacket/blazer, I’d suggest looking for interesting details that speak to your tastes.  Perhaps that’s a certain colour, zipper detail, stitching or button style that you like.  There are so many options to make this additional layer something that speaks to your tastes and makes you feel confident and fabulous.
  3. Make sure the shoulders of the blazer fits you at your actual shoulder.  If it’s too small or too loose, it’s going to look ridiculous.  If you’re not sure, take the blazer to a tailor to see if minor (or major) alterations are required.
  4. When the buttons are closed, make sure there is no pulling (meaning it’s too tight) or that there isn’t too much room (meaning it’s way too big).  You should be able to comfortably put two fingers inside the top button.  Now, you may not wear a blazer closed, especially if you’re choosing to wear it in a casual way, but you should always have the option to do so.  Also, always fit the widest part of you (e.g. shouders, chest, tummy).  This might mean that other parts of this garment will need to be tailored.  Just do it.  It’s totally worth it.
  5. Ladies, additional tailoring or slimming through the torso of the blazer is going to give you a more feminine, hourglass shape.  For most female body types, this is going to be extremely flattering.  Remember to look at the length of the torso and make sure this matches up with your actual torso (e.g. if you’ve got a short torso, wearing a blazer that is long through the body is going to overwhelm you and make you look short and stubby).
  6. The hem of a blazer is important.  You don’t want something that is either too short or too long.  Fit a blazer to your height and frame.  This is likely going to give you greater success than just thinking solely about what style you like.  For example, if you’re short, wearing a blazer that is too long will again, overhwhelm your frame.  Though you may like this style, it’s going to look silly and unflattering.

While there are other things to consider when finding the right blazer to add to your wardrobe, these are some of the basics.  If you have a question, just let me know.

If put together a few casual blazers that I’m really into right now.  They are mostly for yoru casual wardrobe but, depending on your work environment, can cross over into your professional wardrobe as well.



sass and bide- contemporary jacket


asos- slim fit blazer with shooting patch


yoana baraschi- crystal tweed morph jacket


TECHNOBOHEMIAN- jacquard blazer


ann taylor- cross hatch print jacket


vince- linen cotton navy blazer

These are each great options to pair with any casual weekend look.  Though casual, it elevates even a simple jeans and t-shirt type of look.

Hit me up if you have any questions. :)