Reader Spotlight: I have a straight frame. What kind of blazer should I wear?

Hi Lazina,

I work in a corporate office environment and wear blazers everyday. I have a really straight, rectangular body type and never seem to find jackets and blazers that look great on my frame. I see other women wearing blazers who seem to look a lot more feminine in the same garment. I don’t want to look like a man but maybe I don’t really have a choice because of my body type. Help!



First off, don’t settle. You don’t have to wear boring, shapeless blazers. Here’s a tip that I share with all my clients:

Make the clothes work for you. You don’t have to work for the clothes. 


Here’s my first tip for you. Regardless of whether you have a narrow or wide straight, or rectangle, body type, you’re going to want to visually create curve in your frame. Garments, with the right cut, can do this for you.

Though these blazers (below) may by trendy, they are likely not right for your body type:


I love this ISSA jacket but this isn’t going to best highlight your frame.


This flowy boyfriend blazer, from Aritzia, is great but is going to do nothing to visually create curves for you.

I’m not sure what your personal style is but here are some blazers with cuts that will:

  • visually bring focus to your waistline
  • create more contrast between your waistline and your shoulders and hips

1. DSQUARED (Farfetch)


3. Dolce & Gabbana (Farfetch)


Good luck!