Part 4: Consignment pieces for your Spring/Summer wardrobe? Yes please!

Aloha from Maui! It’s time for a little break.  Before the vacay starts though, I wanted to share the last breakdown from the recent style segment I hosted on Breakfast Television.

Gents, you’re doing to dig this look.  It’s perfect for a spring day or even a cooler summer evening.

A S/S Casual Look #2


Why this look is amazing:

  • This are all consignment pieces – of course that makes this look amazing.  These jeans, for example, are brand new – the tags are still on and everything – but they’re half the price you’d pay at a retailer (they’re 7 For All Mankind, which I love). Awesome.
  • This bright orange-red denim is perfect for this season and is much more versatile than you’d think. The easiest way to wear a coloured denim is to pair it with a solid colour.  For more interest and to pump up the style factor, add a pattern.  Doing so in a more neutral colour, as I’ve done here with this navy printed cardigan, is going to be your best bet.
  • The style of cardigan works well buttoned all the way up.  If this isn’t really your style, just do what works best for you. That’s why it’s called personal style. ;)
  • I love these sandals.  It takes the right guy to pull these off and our model is the right guy to do just that. You can certainly do this too.  If a casual sneaker or casual oxford shoe is more your style, feel free to swap this out.
  • Now our model has the best hair so we’ve chosen to play this up and make it a key part of the overall look. You can certainly do this same, if that’s your thing.

Ok y’all.  Our roundup is complete. I hope you got a few extra tips from this consignment series. Remember, shopping consignment is a great way to find unique, quality pieces at a fraction of the cost.  You just need to spend a bit of time and effort wading through pieces until you find that gem.

I’m going to walk down to the beach now…


Shout outs

Hair: House of Tin Salon

Makeup: Makeup by Bean

Styling: Yours Truly

Clothing, Accessories, Shoes: Dress to Suit

Model: Diljot J.