Part 3: Winter to spring… wait, it’s still cold outside!

Alright.  So we’re at the last outfit from my recent style segment on Breakfast Television.

What I’ve shown in this segment is styles that will help you move from light winter days into spring. Because it’s still cool outside (ok, cold), I find that people struggle with wanting to look a bit more “springy” and, as a result, end up walking to work with bare legs and uggs… when it’s still about 0 degrees.  How tragic.

Here’s the last outfit from this segment.  Of the three looks, this one has the most spring-like feel to it.  You’re going to love the light hair and makeup that had been paired with this outfit.

Model #3: Kelsey Allin


Casual work day… or a fun afternoon out (I love it for both)




Why it works:

  • If you love the 50s, this is something you’ll likely be drawn to.  I’ve put a modern spin on this retro-inspired outfit. The accessories (love that leopard print pendant), collared blouse and soft updo keep this look firmly planted in 2013.
  • I love that this outfit is reaching out for summer.  It is great to start introducing in your spring wardrobe because it’s still going to keep you warm (double layer of long sleeves) yet has an obvious nod to spring with the bright colour contrast.
  • I paired a sandal to show what you can start adding to this outfit as we inch closer to spring.  In the meantime (or, if there’s still snow on the ground in your neck of the woods), go for a closed-toe shoe and nylons… you don’t want to feel like a nob walking down the street with sandals on in March. ;)
  • The skirt will work in both your spring and summer wardrobe.  Ladies, if you are short, this skirt length will likely be too long for you (it will overwhelm you).  Just look for something that finished at or just above your knee.

Thanks to House of Tin Salon, Makeup by Bean and Gravity Pope.