Part 3: Office attire… fun summer wardrobe. They CAN co-exist.

For part 3 of our series, we’re going to look at the outfit on the third model from the original segment we did on Breakfast Television.
It’s time to look at those neon yellow, printed pants!

Model #3: Michelle

Why I love this look:

  • Jacket: This brown, soft-suede jacket is perfect for a casual summer office look (especially if you’re in the type of office where you still need to cover your shoulders and arms).  The vertical layering around the front makes this jacket so much more stylish and fun.  Since it is a casual and versatile piece, it will also look great paired with dark-wash jeans or even a fitted skirt.
  • Blouse: This blouse has two amazing layers.  The layer underneath is soft and light but it also has some fun “sparkle” detailing all across the front.  The top layer does a great job of muting the shiny undertone so that it can be worn during the day.
  • Pants: I just love these neon yellow, printed pants!  They are a great, bright alternative for those summer days at the office; you’ll surely turn heads in these tapered lovelies.  You’ll also notice that most other pieces of this outfit have been kept neutral so that the focus can be on the pant.  That’s the key to wearing that one bright piece that you love!
  • Shoes:  Again, since there is some different colour and texture combinations in this outfit, we`ve kept Michelle`s shoe to a neutral, pointed, kitten heel.
  • Accessories: For jewellery, all that Michelle is wearing is a teardrop-shaped silver earring.  By keeping her hair swept to the side, and off her face, we are able to highlight this sole accessory.

Hope you`ve enjoyed the run-down of each outfit from our Breakfast Television segment.

Thanks to House of Tin Salon and Makeup by Bean for the lovely office-appropriate hair and makeup.

For this segment, L2 Style showcased clothing from Thread Hill and shoes from Sole Revival.