Part 1: Winter to spring… wait, it’s still cold outside!

Good Morning!

For those that didn’t get to see it, here’s my most recent style segment with Breakfast Television.  I had a great time putting this segment together.

What the segment was about

I get it (as in, I get the objective of the fashion industry… which I love) but I sometimes think it’s kind of silly to have all these stunning, fashion-forward spring/summer items when we (we=those of us who live in a fairly cold climate) can’t even wear these for at least another month or two.  No, it’s not warm in April or even May.  I certainly do see people pretending it’s warm outside so that they can sport the latest, greatest spring/summar pieces.

Instead of walking around – freezing to death – I thought I’d show you how to move towards a more spring-like look, while recognizing that we are still in the tail-end of winter.

Before I do a breakdown of the first outfit from the style segment, I’d like to thank House of Tin Salon, Makeup by Bean and Gravity Pope

Model #1: Alexandra Van Essen


Weekend Casual


Why this works:

  • This is a great “walking around town” outfit because it’s comfy, put-together and has an element of “spring” to it (see that nautical-inspired sweater?).  I can see this working for a light winter day where the sun is out and you have a latte in hand.
  • The navy, striped sweater has long sleeves so it will definitely keep you warm and the blue, A-line jacket is fully lined – again, this is perfect for added warmth.  I’d definitely add a light scarf (an extra pop of colour would be great) and a pair of sunglasses for window-shopping and a stroll.
  • I like that this jean has colour to it.  If you are feeling extra bright and sassy, go ahead and swap these for an even brighter pant (yes, you’ll look fabulous). I’m showing an exaggerated cuff on this jean.  I know some of you will get this right away and some of you aren’t quite sure.  This is when you should play up your own style… this is just what I like with this outfit.  What do you like?
  • A light, suede bootie is a great way to feel a bit more spring-like without freezing the tootsies.  I love this one because the stacked heel is low enough to walk around in.  I also like the leather strap around the ankle- it’s an interesting deail without look too overdone.
  • I love the light waves in her hair as it looks more casual and effortless.  For makeup, you may not want a lot on your face in the middle of the day- I get it.  That’s why this more natural lip works with this overall look (check out House of Tin Salon and Makeup by Bean for more hair and makeup tips… they are amazing!).
  • For accessories, all that’s been added to this outfit is an earring with an interesting, unexpected pop of colour.  This is another great time to play up your own style and show off a bit of your personality (yes, you can certainly do that with accessories).


Hit me up if you have any questions about this outfit.

Stay tuned for a breakdown of outfit #2… we’ll be moving away from winter and closer to spring with this one.