PART 1: Office attire… fun summer wardrobe. They CAN co-exist.

For most of you, your office dress-code is a bit more relaxed during those warm summer months.  Now, relaxed doesn’t mean that it’s ok to wear your short shorts, flip flops, or spaghetti-strap tank top to work…. you ARE still at work!

You most definitely can (and should) have fun and be stylish with your summer office attire! During my most recent style segment on Breakfast Television, I talked about how to keep your wardrobe appropriate for the office while being stylish, trendy, and (of course) summer-appropriate!

If you haven’t done so already, it’s time to shed the pantyhose and inject some colour, pattern, and texture into your summer office attire.

Here’s the first of three outfits I showcased on the recent style segment.

Model #1: Karen


Why I love this look:

  • Skirt: I love this shade of green for our model and I love the sheen of the fabric.  For ladies who are tall like Karen, this is as short as you’ll want to go with your professional skirts (a couple of inches above the knee).
  • Blouse: Rather than pair it with a plain, boring blouse or top, it’s been paired with a light, summery tank with a lovely, soft print.  The small “v” at the neckline gives it almost a t-shirt like quality…. which I really like.
  • Jacket: now this blazer is quite a sassy little number.  Since there is a lot of structure and tailoring, it is very flattering along the waistline.  If this is too much for you, swap it out for a cream blazer with more of a classic style.  There’s nothing wrong with that.  A quick note – when shopping for this type of ultra-fitted blazer/jacket, you’ll need to look for one that is 1-2 sizes above what you would normally wear.
  • Shoes: this stacked wooden heel is a great alternative to a conventional pump.  It’s fun for summer and makes the whole outfit a bit more relaxed.  If you’re looking for go a bit more office formal though, add a nude pump; the look of the whole outfit will be totally different.
  • Accessories: there’s a lot going on in this outfit so all I’ve added a small, simple earring.

Thanks to House of Tin Salon and Makeup by Bean for the lovely office-appropriate hair and makeup.

Stay tuned for a run-down of model #2….

For this segment, L2 Style showcased clothing from Thread Hill and shoes from Sole Revival.