New Year, New Beginnings… Old Pounds

The holidays are over and we’re all in that dead of winter/post-festive funk!  It’s dark and cold.  Most of us (myself included) are carrying around a few extra pounds from all those cookies, chocolates, drinks, dinners and more.  As you stick to your New Year’s resolutions of a better diet and more exercise (we all make some type of renewed health plan, don’t we?), I’ve put together a few garments to help get you through the “my pants are tight” phase of the new year.  Why now you ask?  I was getting back into the swing of things late last week and put on a suit only to notice that the dress pants were a bit snug!  I’m sure I’ve have (ok, I know I’ve had) too many of Mom’s cookies, too much red wine, and WAY too many lunches/dinners out!



  • This type of colour-blocking is a great way to create the perfect hourglass shape… even if you don’t have this shape.  This effect directs the eye to the places you WANT people to look and creates the illusion of being narrower than you actually are (after holiday gorging).
  • The thick black waistband will draw the eye to the smallest part of your waist which will take attention away from that “cookie band” around your midsection (we all have it right now).  I might even add a skinny belt on top of the black band (I’m thinking emerald green).
  • I’d suggest keeping accessories to a minimum since the pattern of this dress is busy and bold (a simple earring and chunky arm-cuff will do).



  • This thick band across the waist is a great way to keep you and your “cookie waist” all in (additional coverage in the midsection).
  • I really like this fuller skirt.  Because of the A-line shape, it draws the eye upwards and creates a small waistline.  If you’re a bit shorter, make sure you hem this skirt so that it finishes just above the knee.
  • This skirt can be worn on a less-formal work day or casually on the weekends (both daytime and nighttime).
  • I’d wear this skirt out on the weekend and would pair it with little booties (for a slightly edgier look), a patterned silk blouse, layers of necklaces and a bold ring.  What would you do?



  • A blazer will be your best friend while you still have those extra holiday pounds.  To a pretty basic outfit, add this fun, chic blazer and watch that holiday fludge disappear.  It’s magic (trust me, I did this yesterday).
  • This blazer has very structured shoulders and nips in at the waist.  This blazer will do all the work in creating a flattering silhouette.
  • If you’re not sure about the pattern, stick to a solid coloured blouse underneath.  If you’re past style basics 101, go forth and layer pattern over pattern.  I love the dynamics of a couple different patterns.

If you’re like me and indulged just a wee bit much this year, take note of these items.  I bet you have at least one of them in your closet.  Pull it out and put it on…. You’ll feel better!