Navy blue suits… they’re not just for bankers

First off, I must apologize for my long absence from the blog.  It’s been a very busy time.

This post was inspired by some work I did this week.  I’ve become much more drawn to a navy blue suit over the past couple of years or so.  Here why I think more men should be wearing them:

  • Navy blue looks great on many different skin tones whereas,  say, a black suit isn’t always flattering (don’t worry, I love you too black suit).
  • It’s easier to split up a navy suit and wear, for example, the blazer with a pair of jeans and casual button-down shirt.  This gives a suit more versatility in your wardrobe.
  • There are many more colour and pattern combinations that complement a navy blue suit.  It’s really easy to change the overall look of a blue suit by changing the shirt, shoes, and accessories that are paired with it.

Ok, here are a few navy blue suits that I love.

Richard James Half-lined wool-blend suit

  • I love the slim fit, shorter jacket, and slanted jacket pockets.  This is more of an urban spin on a very classic suit.


Paul Smith: The Byard Travel Suit

  • The look of the wool blend is what most attracts me to this suit.  The cut and style of this suit lends itself nicely to more casual looks by simply pairing it with a casual shoe and shirt.  I also really like the two flap pocket… an interesting detail for sure.


BOSS Black: James/Sharp WE

  • I love a three piece suit.  I think more men should wear it.  Though this suit has a subtle plaid pattern and is a slim cut, there is a lot of elements that makes this suit classic and streamlined.

It’s hard to look at a picture and see what cut or colour of navy suit is best for you.  It’s a wise idea to try on as many options as possible to find the suit that looks and feels great for you.