Looking for a winter coat?

Recently, I was asked – by the lovely Janis Galloway of Dress Me Dearly – to provide a style perspective for Shaw TV’s new Press to Play.  The segment focused on finding winter coats that are fabulous not frumpy!  This all happened during the opening of the new Simons in West Edmonton Mall.


Here are some additional tips:

  • Make sure the shoulders of the jacket fit where your shoulder ends. Too often, I see people wearing over-sized wintercoats with baggy, drooping shoulders. Dont’ be one of them!
  • When trying on a new winter coat, wear what you’d normally have on during cold winter months.  It would be a shame to get a new coat home only to have it fit too snug because you didn’t have the right layers on at the store.
  • Opt for something with a colour or pattern that complements your skin tone, eyes, and hair.  Winter is dreary and grey enough. Change it up to stand out among the sea of black and grey coats walking down the street!

Keep warm and stylish!