Hurry! It’s almost Father’s Day!

So, it’s almost Father’s Day.  What are you getting Dad?

I was recently asked to showcase a few looks for Father’s Day on Breakfast Television.


(can you believe I bought that dress over half my life ago?!?!)

I don’t regularly focus on fashion or buying the latest trends – that’s pretty much the opposite of what I coach people on – so instead, here’s what I focused on:

  • Shop local – I think it’s so important to support the local businesses in your community.  These businesses are the very heart and soul of any communicty.
  • Invest in casual wear that elevates your style – this is where people are most challenging in putting together a style that best represents them.  After work, or on the weekends, attire can be so much more than jeans and a t-shirt or sweatpants.  This style segment focuses on garments, with buttons and zippers, for casual wear (yes, I’m being facetious…. no I’m not).

Here are some shots from the three looks for Dad.

An elevated business casual look

(clothing & accessories provided by: Derks)

Take notes:

  • It’s the subtle details that make this look awesome – the lapel pin (yes, that’s a fish hook), the floral pattern on the inside placket, the purple shoelace and the two tone shoe leather.
  • The cut and pattern on this blazer makes it a lifer. That is all.
  • For an appropriate casual Friday look, go with a dark wash jean with dark stitching. This will always have a dressy feel.

A summer afternoon/evening casual look

(clothing and accessories provided by: Jaisel)





Take notes:

  • A blazer will dress up any outfit – even this denim/linen blazer.  The material makes the traditional cut of blazer look much less formal.
  • A patterned, light dress shirt is a perfect match under this blazer.  Go for a brighter colour if that’s what you like.
  • Dads, a good boat shoe will be something that you wear all summer – a night out with your partner, friends, to your kids weekend activities, running to the grocery store, etc.  My point – you’ll get a lot of wear out of these.
  • Sunglasses, the essential accessory that can really speak to your style. Don’t be boring with these.

A Sunday/Funday shorts and tee look

(clothing and accessories provided by: Colourblind)


Take notes:

  • Yes, there’s a pattern in these shoes.  From not that far away, these shorts look solid; treat them that way. This means you can pair many shirts with it.
  • A v-neck fitted tee is a much more stylish way to wear a basic t shirt. Dad’s you likely wear a lot of tees when hanging out with your kids, try adding a couple of v-necks into the rotation.  It’s the same garment you always put on but has a lot mroe style.


Is Dad in need of a great haircut? Go see Tin.  She’s amazing! Look at the awesome cuts and styles on our models above.

Thanks to House of Tin and Makeup by Bean for pulling these looks together.