How short is too short?

From first-hand experience (as a management consultant in the corporate world) and from living and working in a downtown business core, I regularly observe women who make the WRONG decision when it comes to summer skirts/dresses for work. I know you’ve seen it too…. women on their way to work, off to an important meeting, or on a lunch meeting wearing skirts/dresses that are WAY too short. Why do some women do this? Don’t they feel uncomfortable? Aren’t they aware that their blazer has more material than that itty-bitty skirt/dress?

Don’t be this lady!

To ensure YOU’RE not the one making this major fashion faux pas in the office, following my top style suggestion:

Even on hot summery days, you’re still a professional working in a professional environment!

Feel free to wear whatever you’d like on casual evenings or weekends, however, when it comes to business, you simply can’t afford to have the hem of your skirt/dress rise too high.  Why, you ask? Do I really need to say why? Well, I will….

  1. It’s unprofessional.  Whether you work for in an organization, non-profit, or for yourself, a really short skirt doesn’t really give the impression that you are a serious professional.  Don’t let this happen to you!
  2. It says that “I don’t really care about getting that promotion.”  When you show too much leg (or cleavage for that matter), you letting others know that they should look at what you’re wearing… or not wearing… rather than listen to the brilliant things you’re saying.  Women who excel in their careers – whatever career that may be – generally do so by building and showing off their ‘substance’, not their legs.
  3. You should want to attract the ‘right’ type of attention, not the ‘wrong’ kind of attention.  Unfortunately, we ladies are judged more than men are in the workplace… we’re judged by our hairstyles, by the colour of our lipstick, or by how high our heels are (or aren’t). It’s wise to not add to the uphill battle by wearing an ultra-short skirt/dress.

These are just a few of MANY reasons but, I think you get the picture.

To keep things appropriate, professional, and stylish, I’ve picked a few chic pieces for you.


Diane Von Furstenberg- Esme Pencil Skirt

10 Crosby Derek Lam Striped Pencil Skirt

Malene Birger- Dalise Print Shift Dress

MANGO- Straight Cut Drape Skirt

Alexander McQueen- Fine Knit Wool Dress

Happy Wednesday!