Holiday Style: No Clumsy Christmas Sweaters for you (Part 3)


I’ve shown you some awesome holiday/New Years looks for the ladies in Part 1 and Part 2 of this series.  Here’s one for the gents.

This looks is a great contrast to the first two looks in that I’ve kept the colour palette dark and very classic whereas their looks are light yet chic and edgy.  This is a modern, dressy look for any holiday function that will allow you to look ultra polished and put-together.

Urban Party Crasher #3: Kevin


Here’s a breakdown:

  • I love a three piece suit because it’s sophisticated, classy and, for the most part, not typical.  You’ll definitely stand out this is off black, subtle pinstrip suit.  You’ll notice that hte suit is quite fitted through the pant leg as well as through the body of the suit jacket.  These details will make or break a fashion-forward suit.
  • I’ve gone very classic with a white dress shirt.  Feel free to add a pale colour or a subtle striped dress shirt.  Once you have a suit that fits well with a modern cut, the rest is up to your preferences.
  • The shirt is paired with a geometric pattern tie – mosty grey and white.  This complements the ladies outfits without matching them.   Gents, that’s something to think about for sure.  You don’t want to match  (she’s wearing a pink skirt and you’re wearing a pink tie… that’s not stylish) but you can certainly take nods from each other’s outfit.
  • We’ve gone with a lace-up shoe that has a thin, streamlined sole.  If you’re more adventurous, feel free to go for a shoe with more interesting details (buckles, fading in the material, etc).


Photo credits:

Hair: House of Tin Salon

Makeup: Makeup by Bean

Photography: Kelly Rosborough, The Bokehccino Project

Model: Kevin Sacucci

Styling: Me of course!

Clothing provided by: The Helm Clothing

Here’s a few shots of our three party crashers.  These are certainly some stylish, on-point holiday looks… great for holiday cocktail parties or New Year’s Eve events!