Fun Fall Looks for Work: Part 1

Last week, I got to participate in a Breakfast Television style segment where I talked fall fasions for work.

I often get asked for some tips on building a fun fall wardrobe for the office.  Some fo the key things I share with people are:

  1. Play with different colours. Your outfit doesn’t have to match.  In fact, you’ll look WAY more put-together if you pull pieces/accessories together that complement each other.  Some great colours that I’m loving this fall are oxblood (while uber trendy right now, it’s a versatile colour that will work for many seasons to come), deep oranges, deep greens, and mustard yellow.
  2. When it makes sense, layer.  With the weather getting a bit cooler, it’s a great idea to add a cardigan or thin-knit sweater on top of a silk dress shirt (for example).  One note of caution- stay away from adding big bulky layers.  While this is a cozy casual look that I certainly love, it really doesn’t look very professional in the office.

Let’s get to looking at a breakdown of the Breakfast Television segment from last week.  For this segment, L2 Style was very happy to work with Floc Boutique, to pull together all three looks, and House of Tin and Makeup Artistry by Dana, for the on point hair/makeup looks.

Model #1: Michelle


Breakin’ it down:

  • On Michelle, you’ll see a simple shift dress that has been sassed up with a bold print (faded from top to bottom) and strategically placed veritcal piping.  These details really draws the eye up and down and gives a more elongated, lean shape to the wearer of the dress. One other thing that helps create a long, lean shape is the two skinny belts Michelle is wearing.  This gives Michelle a longer leg-line.
  • Since the dress is pretty bold and fun, I’ve chosen to pair it with a less conventional yet classicly-tailored jacket.  The rolled up sleeves gives the outfit a bit of a casual feel.  If you’re in a more conservative work environment you may want to go with a more traditional suit jacket.
  • You can’t quite tell in these still shots but we’ve injected colour into this outfits by adding a deep red/oxblood red stacked pump (see the segment).
  • To pull the entire outfit together, I’ve only added one accessory- a simple hoop earring.
  • Last, but certainly not least, Michelle is sporting a chich bun and light daytime makeup for fall!

Stay tuned for a breakdown of Model #2 from this segment.

If you have a question, please go ahead and ask!