Friday Find: Yes, you can transition some summer pieces into fall.

It’s with a heavy heart that I admit… summer is coming to an end.  It’s that time of year again – fall.

On the bright side, it’s time for fall style. Yaay!

You might be hesitant to put away those light, easy-to-wear summer garments.  I feel that way too!  I like to get the most out of my summer wardrobe and stretch my $$ further.  One easy-peasy way to do that is to transition some of your summer pieces into fall.  Gasp, you might think. Actually, it’s pretty simple to do – once you’ve tried it a couple of times.

In this Friday Find post, I’m going to take an amazing summer garment (one that you’d likely have worn all summer) and show you how to transition it into fall.

  • I’ve decided to take a casual summer dress– one that has a punch of colour and is pretty versatile.  Here is an amazing summer dress… and yes, it is a great deal right now!


Madewell Tunic Dress

Now, some of you are probably thinking “what do I do now?”


  • The next step is simple- add a layer.  This could be a light fall jacket, blazer, or a sweater.  I’m going to pair it a thick sweater.  I’ve chosen one that long and has a lot of texture to it.  On it’s own, this sweater is going to feel warm and cozy- perfect for cooler fall days.


Haute Hoodie- Blankey Cardigan

  • Since the dress is flowy and loose and the sweater doesn’t have a defined waistline, I’d be inclined to add a belt (over the dress and under the sweater coat/cardigan).  Opt for something with a bit of detail and interest to it.  Here are a few suggestions:



  • Once you have these items put together, it’s time for footwear.  I’d opt for ankle booties with this one.  Since we’re building a casual outfit, go for booties that not only are stylish but also sturdy and comfy.  This is starting to look like a fun weekend-prancing-around-town outfit to me!  Here’s a couple bootie suggestions that could be paired with this outfit (I love both!):



Lastly, you’ll want to complete this look with a few accessories – perhaps a pendent necklace, stud earrings, and an oversized cocktail ring.  I’ll leave these stylish details to you.

For cooler fall days, feel free to add a patterned pair of tights and a beautiful scarf to keep warm.

Have a question? Let me know.

Happy Friday!