Friday Find: Belt it

I recently worked with a fabulous client, Amy. She has a great eye for style and fashion but wanted some help in understanding the shapes and cuts that are best for her.

I found this amazing dress in Amy’s closet but noticed that she paired it with a belt that just didn’t do justice to her lovely shape. Take a look:


Now I know some of you look at this and are thinking “but that looks ok”. Yes, it looks ok but it’s not awesome.  Here’s why:

  • The belt is too thick for her short torso.  It cuts her body in the wrong place.
  • Amy has a bigger bustline.  Because the size of the belt takes up so much of her torso, all you are really looking at is her chest. As Amy and I discussed, it looks like she’s “all boobs”. That’s not what she’s going for.
  • The belt is made with that heavy, unflattering, unforgiving elastic. It’s way too tight on her (and would be tight on most people… I’m not sure who this belt is realy made for).  These belts give you indigestion; they are that tight.

Based on Amy’s proportions, I suggested she opt for a skinny belt with this dress instead. Take a look:


Now that’s much better. Here’s why:

  • The size and width of the belt is more proportional to her frame.
  • When you look at Amy, your eye is now drawn to the smallest part of her waist rather than her bustline.

By the way, Amy had this belt in her closet. She just never wore it because she didn’t know what to wear it with. Now she does.

Here’s a better side by side look.


Now, back to you.  My style tips for adding skinny belts to your fabulous outfit are:

  • Use a skinny belt to highlight the smallest part of your waist – that’s somewhere between your belly button and chest.
  • You certainly don’t have to spend a fortune on this piece.  A skinny belt is a good accessory to up on fashion trends.  It’s easy – and cheap – to swap them out from season to season.

Here are my Friday Finds for you:


Vince Camuto- Leo Belt


Luv AJ- Ramone Belt


Kate Spade- Skinny Bow Belt

Happy Friday!