Friday Find: A silk blouse… that doesn’t cost a fortune

I have a fab Friday Find for you ladies…. a silk blouse that won’t cost as much as a car payment. Nice right?

You’ve heard me talk about not spending too much on overly-trending items since they usually aren’t around for very long (what a waste of your hard earned $$). Well, here’s a silk blouse at a great price point so I say “Go ahead! Buy that trendy print!”

It’s from Joe Fresh and is $49! Yes, you read that right.


It comes in other prints as well (I love the last one).


You may have seen this print over the last year or so (shoes, belts, clutches, etc) but so what? If you like it and it works for you… and it’s the right price point, why not add it to your wardrobe?  If you prefer any of the other prints, opt for that instead.

I have two style tips for you:

  • Make sure this blouse (whatever print you’re interested in) can be incorporated into your wardrobe in 3 different outfits.
  • I totally understand that prints may seem overwhelming. My suggestion is to keep the rest of your outfit fairly simple so that the print can stand out (unless you’re awesome at mixing prints or taking style risks… then go for it). Make sure you play up your style though.


Here are some ideas for a casual weekend outfit:


Happy Friday!