Dress for the body you have, not the body you want…

Far too often, you’ve caught yourself wearing that “trend of the moment” item that looked, at best, ok on you.  Why do you continue to do that?  Why do you continue to pick garments that look AMAZING on the model, at the stores, or in the magazines but look pretty average… ok, less than average, on you?
We’ve all done the “I’ll dress better when I lose a few pounds,” right?

STOP IT!  You deserve better…. and you deserve it now.

These simple, easy to do tips will help you choose pieces that flatter, enhance, and highlight your beautiful and unique shape.

  • Know your body type: Knowing your body shape will help you choose garments with cuts, colours, patterns and textures that are right for YOU.  Be aware that you, like many women, are probably not the same size on the top and bottom half of your body.  Know these size differences BEFORE heading into the dressing room so you can avoid the frustration or end up feeling sorry for yourself (that’s no good).
  • Not all trends were created for you:  Accept it.  It`s just a fact of life.  You might really like a metallic this or neon-coloured that but plastering it all over your body may not highlight YOU in the right way.  Instead, take that trend of the moment that you love so much and make it work for your body type and style preferences.  For example, bold colours (if that’s your thing), could be incorporated into your outfit with a feminine blouse, funky high heel, or skinny belt.  Trendy items can be incorporated into your look in a fun, personalized way that doesn’t break the bank!



  • Highlight your favourite features: You know “the areas” that make you feel self-conscious?  Well, who cares about that!  Let’s celebrate and focus on the things that you love about yourself.  Maybe you have beautiful eyes, legs that go on forever, curves that would make a certain Kardashian jealous, or creamy and youthful skin.  You can certainly play up these features with the right clothing choices.  Start experimenting now… with the wonderful body you have NOW.

These things may seem common sense but to be honest, they’re not.  Take a walk around your downtown and do some people watching… clearly not so common sense or you wouldn’t have gasped and, silently, judged the last 5 people that walked by you.