Do you give a limp noodle of a handshake?

Yeah, you know you’re smart…. but so are a whole lot of other people!   When faced with people who have the same credentials as you, what will separate you is your professional presence – particularly in harder economic times when organizations are looking to hire only the best of the best.


One of the small, but powerful, things you can do to set yourself apart from others is to have a firm, solid handshake that lets others know you are a professional and you mean business.  That’s right, shake that outstretched hand like you mean it people!  None of this limp noodle of a handshake from you.

Whether you’re seeing an acquaintance for coffee, going to a job interview or meeting a prospective client, a firm handshake expresses confidence …. not in a pretentious way but in a “I’m ready to do business” kind of way.

This might seem weird to say, but one of the most significant compliments I received from a senior executive as I was starting my career in consulting was that I had a firm grip. He mentioned my firm handshake and, to be honest, being a female in business, I took this as a total compliment!

A firm, confident handshake takes practice… honestly, it does.   Start practicing… what are you waiting for?