When the temperatures rise, so do the hemlines… even in the office??

Wouldn’t we all rather be outside soaking up the sun, having a picnic, at the cabin for a few extra days, enjoying a backyard BBQ… just about anything else besides sitting in the office (no matter how much you love your profession)?  While this may be true, we DO have to be in the office during those long summer days. I’ve often noticed that people- both men and women- tend to take some liberty with their clothing choices during those long summer days at the office.  I’ve also noticed that women are the primary offenders of – I’ll just say it – inappropriate attire in the office!  What I’m referring to specifically are hemlines.  As the old cliché goes – “as the temperature rises, so do the hemlines.”  Although this phrase may seem a bit dated, it definitely holds true…even in situations where it shouldn’t. By simply walking around downtown, I see MANY women who are wearing summer skirts that are too short, too sheer or too tight!  Here are three common “mistakes” I see (and I know you’ve seen them too): A lady with really long legs wearing a skirt that is halfway up her thigh – of course she is wearing sky high heels.  Not only is the skirt short (inappropriate short for work), but it is also some type of floral print that is ‘flowy’ and perfect for summer (that was a little sarcasm in case it didn’t come through).  What this lady doesn’t realize (or maybe she does), is that the second the wind blows, that skirt is going to be plastered right up against her chest and back – and no, she didn’t catch it in time to do the classic Marilyn Monroe pose on the street! A lady with an “elastic” pencil skirt doing the penguin shuffle down the street.  At first glance, it might seem like this skirt is fine for the office.  It’s a high-waisted skirt and goes more or less to the knee.  But it’s stretchy and is not made with REAL MATERIAL!!  I’ve often seen a skirt like this paired with a fitted – ok tight, not fitted – blouse or top!  This is not a work-appropriate outfit ladies.  You are attracting the wrong type of attention in this skirt – end of story A lady wearing a light summer skirt (a thinner material) that is so sheer that everyone can see her thighs and/or underwear when the sun shines on her.  While the skirt length or shape may not be inappropriate for the office, this skirt is completely see-through!  I don’t know about you, but I’d feel totally exposed at the office, particularly during a client meeting! So, why I am sharing some of these “mistakes”?  Am I looking to just rant on my blog?  No.  Am I trying to be controversial? No.  Am I trying to be as straight-up as possible about how to not be a “summer style victim” at work? YES!! I thought I’d share some