Cool, cas (ual) summer looks – for the gents

Last week, I shared some amazing summer looks from recent photoshoot I collaborated on.  Here’s the second half of that shoot… this one is for the gents. If this doesn’t scream summer, I don’t know what does.  The fabrics are light linens and cottons so they are easy to wear during a warm summer day.  The all-over baby blue is easy to wear but I do understand that not all of you are comfortable pulling off this tone on tone look.  Instead, pair a white linen buttondown shirt with these pants.  The floral pattern shirt, shoes and belt brings the perfect pops of colour to complete this look. Yes, there is pattern on pattern going on here.  It’s subtle (the pants) yet very interesting.  This is a great look for a night out.  The dark denim blazer pairs well with these patterns and grounds this outfit a bit, however, the outfit will look great without the blazer as well (the t-shirt has short sleeves).  A shoe that has more of a sneaker feel to it will bring a more casual look to this outfit.  It you want to dress it up, add a casual dress shoe. Let me know if you have a question/comment about these looks. Photo Credits: Hair: House of Tin Salon Makeup: Makeup by Bean Photography: Kat Slump Model: Ashley Cote Styling: Yours truly (that’s me) Clothing: Simons and stylist’s own

Friday Find: A stylish (and practical) one-piece swimsuit…. you’ll actually wear this

For the ladies who don’t want to or feel they are past the point of baring all their lady-bits at the beach or at the cottage this summer, this one-piece may be the one for you. What’s so fabulous about this one-piece? This is a great suit if you’re looking for something that is stylish and sexy without showing all your assets. I LOVE the retro yet classic cut and pattern.  It’s timeless. If you’re looking for more coverage on your bottom half, this has a fuller bum so you won’t be pulling and tugging at it. The neckline is flattering and quite sexy.  It will give you nice, tasteful cleavage. This is flattering on MANY different body types (it even fits up to size 16). Though it’s not on sale, it is a reasonable pricepoint for a suit that won’t go out of style anytime soon. Enjoy!  

Sweet and edgy

Well… sorry about my absence lately.  I really do apologize for that. On a brighter note – I have some great summer style ideas for you (ladies AND gents)!  I recently collaborated with some extremely talented people to put together this photoshoot. Ladies, let’s start with you.  Here is a couple of different looks for you: sweet and edgy. I love this look.  I’m really into the 50s inspired skirt paired with a bright, bold sleeveless blouse.  Her hair and makeup is glamorous while being on point for a daytime look.  This would be a perfect outfit for a patio lunch with friends.  To make this outfit speak to your personality, I’d suggest adding accessories and shoes that fit your style. This is an edgy look that has a “don’t mess with me” attitude to it.  I love the leather on leather look with the bold, rich blue racerback tank being the star of this outfit. I know some of you aren’t diggin’ the side boob that comes with this look but there are so many ways to take inspiration from this look and make it yours (e.g find a cobalt blue tank that is more full in the arms/back or perhaps incorporate this colour into an outfit using a blazer, necklace or earrings). Gents, in my next post, I’ll show you a couple of looks I put together for you. Stay tuned…. Photo Credits: Hair: House of Tin Salon Makeup: Makeup by Bean Photography: Kat Slump Model: Ashley Cote Styling: Yours truly (that’s me) Clothing: Simons and stylist’s own