Casual menswear: yes, we’re finally moving into warmer weather!

Here’s a segment I did for Shaw TV’s Press 2 Play… sorry but you’re going to have to start at minute 4:15. I’ll make sure this is fixed for the next one.

I often help clients with their professional attire so I decided to switch it up and give my male readers some interesting options for casual wear that are on-point while not being too “out there”!

These three outfits are great to take you into warmer temperatures (hopefully, we’ll get there someday soon) and can certainly be taken apart to build other outfits as well.

The segment starts at 4:15 into the video so feel free to start there.


Outfit #1: Casual weekend day outfit – feel free to shed some of these pieces as it continues warming up!


Outfit #2: Casual datenight – that third piece, this patterned sweater, dresses up the outfit.  Swap it for a blazer if that’s more your style


Outfit #3: A guys night out – to make this outfit more YOU, go ahead and add a different pocket square and a jean that best fits your body shape

If you’re in Edmonton and want to find some of the pieces I featured here, go check out Brothers Clothing.  There’s a reason they’ve been around since 1973.


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