Brighten up your wardrobe when it’s drab outside

When the weather changes and it starts getting dark early, I often see those last remnants of stylish colour disappear only to be replaced by black, grey, white and brown.  Yawn!  While these are important shades to have in your wardrobe, wearing these muted colours day in day out- all winter long – seems a little boring and, frankly, depressing.  I get it – it’s “easy”, especially when it starts getting cold and dark out.

There is another way… a better way.  Colour!  It is the spice of life… well, maybe more the spice in your wardrobe.

Check out some of these colourful, casual looks for those colder fall days.  If this seems like too much for you to do, my suggestion is to take one colourful piece you like (e.g. a sweater or a pair of pants) and build an outfit around this single colourful piece.

You’ll most definitely stand out against the sea of black and grey that will surround you.

Enjoy these pics…


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