Back to Work: Formal business attire that’s anything but stuffy (Part 1)

Yesterday, I got the opportunity to share some “back to work” looks on Breakfast Television.


I see it all the time. Lax, very lax, professional dress during those hot summer months. Well, no more ladies! It’s time to step it up again.  In each of the outfits that I showcased on Breakfast Television, you’ll notice that I’ve kept a black blazer on top. Yes, I had you in mind ladies. I know you just LOVE a black blazer – it’s your go-to garment. Here are interesting, stylish ways to wear your favourite closet staple.

Grab a tea/glass of wine. You’re going to want to settle in for these.

1st Look: Power Meeting “Suit”222

Why this is awesome:

  • You don’t always need to wear a matching suit to get the power suit look and feel. These separates come together as a suit without looking too rigid.  The structured shoulder on this blazer gives it a strong, powerful look.  These are small but noticeable details.
  • Yes, it is easier for you ladies to pull off a velvet blazer in the office than your male counterparts.  Don’t be afraid to try combinations that you would typically shy away from. You might just discover your favourite profesh outfit this way.
  • This is just a basic black skirt with a bit of a twist.  It’s one that I know you’ll have for years to come.  Yes, this is an investment garment.
  • Her blouse has a few different colours and patterns.  On the rack, you wouldn’t think it would pair nicely with a velvet blazer but it does. It also goes with those tassel, suede pumps. I love that deep red colour.

Next week, I’ll give you some tips/advice on the next two outfits from this style segment.

Who contributed to this look?

Hair: Colleen McGinn

Makeup: Gina Bilocerkowec

Clothing, Shoes and Accessories: Who Cares Wear

Styling: Me, of course.