Always be ready.

This past week, I had quite a few conversations about being ready and open to new career and life opportunities.  Here’s my quick tip that came out of each of my conversations with clients and new acquaintances:

Always be ready.

You never know where the next opportunity will come from to further yourself personally and/or professionally.

Here’s a story for you… an awesome one.


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A couple of years ago, my husband and I made a long weekend for ourselves and went skiing in the Rockies. During one of our days on the hill, we found ourselves on the chairlift with a gentleman we didn’t know. No problem. We got chatting and found out he had just started a business after working in the oil and gas industry (not sure exactly what specialized area he was in) for over 20 years.  We asked more questions to find out what business had recently launched as well as how things were going.  He seemed very willing to share his story.

You know what he did while we were on the chairlift?

He unzipped his front pocket, pulled out his business card and handed it to us. On the chairlift.

Nuts right?

This man was ready to do business on the chairlift… in -20 degrees (C)… at a ski resort!

Here’s the lesson.  Always be ready. 

This man didn’t know who he would encounter during a leisurely ski weekend away.  He did know, however, that if an opportunity presented itself, he would be ready to act.

Think about that one. Then act on it.