5 Key Items for that Last (boo-hoo) Summer Jaunt

Summer is quickly coming to an end BUT the weather is still in full sunshine/heat mode (lucky us)!  Now is the perfect time to start planning that last summer jaunt.  Where you should go and what you should do is always a fun debate (unless you hate planning… then this part really is no fun) but how to look stylish while packing light can sometimes be stressful.  You really don’t need a big suitcase full of clothes to look stylish, be comfy and stay cool.  For that last summer week away (the September long weekend is quickly approaching), here are 5 key items that you’ll surely want to pack:

Item #1


Cali Stripe Tank

Why you should pack this in your suitcase:

  • This is a great, comfy piece to wear over a bathing suit, with a pair of shorts or under a cozy sweater (if it’s a little cool at night).  This type of tank is a great go-to because it’s light-weight and has fairly neutral colours.

Item #2


Vintage Whisper Maxi Dress

Why you should pack this in your suitcase:

  • You will be effortlessly stylish in this dress.  To your tussled hair, add some cool shades and a pair of red thong sandals (faux leather would look great with this dress).  Effortlessly stylishs for sure!

Item #3


Canvas Boat Shoe

Why you should pack this in your suitcase:

  • These shoes will go with any outfit you take on this last summer getaway.  I especially like them an early evening dress on a patio… when the air is a bit cool (yes, that’s the first sign of Fall you feel).

Item #4


Rachelle Trouser Short

Why you should pack this in yoru suitcase:

  • This is a great short for day hikes when you know you’ll be on a patio sipping a lovely beverage afterwards.  With these shorts, you definitely won’t have to sacrifice style for comfort and functionality!  These may be the only shorts you need for this last getaway!

Item #5


Jena Buttons Cardigan

Why you should pack this in your suitcase:

  • You’ll definitely want to have something that has long sleeves for the evenings.  For an evening walk, pair it with sandals, a contrasting coloured tank and shorts.  This is also great to snuggle up with a book and a glass of lovely wine!

I am definitely one to soak up all that summer has to offer and can’t wait to do so with these fun, stylish items!