How is personal style related to personal branding?

As stated above, your personal style – the image you share with others – is only one piece of the personal branding pie. But it’s one of the most practical ways that you can show who you are and what you’re about. This doesn’t mean you have to “look the part”. A positive personal brand is about being real and authentic. Your personal style should be in step with this too.

What is personal branding?

Your brand is how you present yourself in the world. Your public face. It’s everything. It’s Personal branding is about taking is unique and compelling about yourself and sharing it with those around you, in a unique and compelling way. It’s what you say through your social media, the slogans and statements you make in your advertising, and how you present yourself at meetings. In short, it’s your public face. It’s how people see you. You really are your biggest asset when it comes to opportunities. Building a personal brand is critical to success.