Skimp vs. Splurge: Casual fall looks (part 3 of 4)

As you know, I’ve been doing a breakdown of each of our “skimp vs. splurge” looks from our last style segment on Breakfast Television.  You can take a look at the breakdown of the first two looks here and here. Gents, I know there are many of you who just aren’t comfortable pulling together different patterns and colours in a single outfit.  This look is an easy way to move in that direction.  Also, it’s a great casual outfit that is WAY beyond the basic jeans and t-shirt. Take a look. What I love about this look: Splurge Items: This navy, quilted coat has so many subtle details.  The cordoroy on the collar and four pocket front give a lot of interest to the utilitarian-inspired jacket.  I think this is something that you’d have for at least 10 years.  It’s surprisingly warm too so it would be perfect not only for fall but also warmer winter days (with a few layers – as shown on our model). ~ The Helm Clothing ($1425) Since the jacket is a dark neutral (but not black… black is harsh), a rich pop of colour is needed.  This pumpkin Ralph Lauren cardigan is a great match with navy. It will definitely show your eye for style.  Now, you might be like “Whoa! This is orange.  I can’t do orange.” Yes you can. Just try it… or maybe a different rich fall colour. ~ The Helm Clothing ($385) Skimp Items: I chose a collared shirt under this caridgan.  If that looks too dressy to you, swap it out for a t-shirt.  The collared shirt adds a bit of formality but what I love most about it, is the pattern.  It picks up some of the blue from the jacket and pants without being too “matchy matchy”. ~ Express Men ($69.90) Now I know that many of you are not at all into coloured pants.  This is just a blue pant.  You like blue. It’s a great first step into the world of colour on the bottom half of your body.  I like adding a cuff – it’s interesting.  Feel free to not cuff it too if that doesn’t seem like your style. ~ Express Men ($69.90) I really don’t think you should skimp too much on footwear; we are talking your feet here. I like to call these shoes a dressy sneaker.  Yes, that’s right.  Even if you were wearing an awesome pair of jeans and a basic white t shirt, these sneakers are going to take that look to a whole different level of style. ~ Jaisel ($133) This belt is awesome.  If you are feeling bold enough to venture into bright, bold colours, do it with a belt (watch the segment to see the belt).  Since this belt is a more reasonable price point, go ahead and try something new.  You won’t be breaking the bank. ~ Express ($29.90) ​Our last outfit breakdown is coming up in the next couple of days.  Stay tuned! Credits Hair: House of Tin Salon Makeup: Makeup by Bean Model: Stephen

Skimp vs. Splurge: Casual fall looks (part 2 of 4)

From the style segment I participated in on Breakfast Television last week, here’s my breakdown of outfit #2. This is the perfect “running errands” outfit. What I love about this look: Splurge Items: This Sophie Hulme jacket is perfect for fall.  Though it’s the same rich colour throughout, the leather arms are an interesting detail that really set it apart from other similarly styled jackets.  I like that all you really need to do is button this jacket up and, “brrrriiiiiing” (in that infomercial kind of transformational tone), you look polished and put-together. ~ Coup Garment Boutique ($960) A pair of medium-dark wash denim are perfect for the casual part of your wardrobe.  I like the small zipper detail on the bottom hem of this pair.  It makes a basic pair of jeans look a bit more interesting. ~ Coup Garment Boutique ($210) Skimp Items: I’m showing a pretty basic tee on our model.  Yes, this one is a bit longer.  Since our model is tall, she can easily pull off a longer tee without looking like she’s drowning in it.  If you’re shorter, opt for one that is shorter in the body.  T shirts are a great item to swap out every season or two… especially when they are as reasonably priced as this one. ~ Smart Set ($20) I love the light wash of this chambray shirt.  Again, this is perfect for layering (either under or over garments).  It’ll keep you warm as we start moving towards slightly cooler days. ~ Smart Set ($45) This flat is stylish and effortless. Yes! There are a lot of neutral colours in there (with that awesome pop of colour at the toe) which means that it’ll go with many outfits in your wardrobe.  Yes, I just saved you from buying 5 different flats this fall.  You’re welcome. ~ Sole Revival ($60) Though it’s a good idea to invest in quality jewelry, it’s not a bad idea to choose a few less expensive accessories if you’re looking for something that is uber trendy.  This will allow you to keep up with trends without breaking the bank. Yes, save your clothing dollars for investment pieces. ~ Smart Set (Necklaces- $4.99, $12 and Earrings- $1.99) A breakdown of outfit #3 is coming up in the next couple of days. Credit: Hair: House of Tin Salon Makeup: Makeup by Bean Model: Sarah Styling: Yours Truly Clothing/Shoes/Accessories: Smart Set, Coup Garment Boutique and Sole Revival     Thanks to Brill Communications.  

Skimp vs. Splurge: Casual fall looks (part 1 of 4)

This past Tuesday, I participated in a style segment on Breakfast Television.  The segment was on when to skimp vs. when to splurge on items in your closet. Here’s a few shots of the first look: What I love about this look: Splurge Items The blazer/sports coat has an interesting yet subtle pattern to it.  It’s a deep indigo (which can look like deep blue or purple) with a rich orange undertone in the plaid print. I like the classic cut because this means that you’ll have this rotation for at least 10 years, if not longer. ~ The Helm Clothing ($975) These cords are a slim cut- they aren’t for everybody. I get that.  If these don’t suit your bod type, feel free to swap it out for a more forgiving cut (you certainly don’t want to feel ‘restricted’ when wearing these pants).  I like the shade of brown in these pants; they can be worn throughout the fall and well into the winter. ~ The Helm Clothing ($360) I’d call this a refined desert boot – in chocolate brown.  With the right care, this suede boot will last you a long time. Feel free to pair these boots with jeans or a casual pant.  Also, if you feel up to it, go for a totally different look – maybe a layered look on top with slim fitting jeans, a bright coloured sock and this boot. That would be a great weekend casual outfit. ~ The Helm Clothing (on sale for $249) Skimp Items This dress shirt can create many different looks – whether we’re talking dressy casual (as shown here) or weekend/everyday casual.  While it is a reasonable price point, the material is a bit thicker and is slightly better quality than you’d expect.  This is great because the shirt won’t lose its shape after a couple of washes- BONUS.  How you wear this shirt is all in the styling. Our model has it buttoned up all the way- that’s just a style preference.  Do what appeals to you. ~ Express Men ($69.90) A fun, and cheap, way to show your eye for fashion is to add a handkerchief. Find one that is trendy and speaks to your personality.  The one I’m showing on our model is really casual (and dresses down the blazer) and has a few different patterns and colours in it.  By folding it differently (so as to show a different colour and pattern), I’d be able to create a slightly different feel to this look. Double duty on a less expensive item- yes! ~ Express Men ($14.99) Now, I’d normally say invest in a great quality belt but I found this one – in a neutral colour – at a reasonable price.  It’s genuine leather. Make sure you look for quality of the stitching before spending money on a less expensive belt though. ~ Express Men ($39.90) ​ Within the next week or so, I’ll be doing a breakdown of each of the looks from the style segment.  Stay tuned. Credits: Hair: House of Tin Salon Makeup: Makeup by Bean Model: Diljot Styling: Moi! Clothing: